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New Alcan spring packs on their way...

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I called and got a UPS confirmation number. Looks like they're scheduled to be delivered on Friday, just in time for a weekend install. I was hoping to have my Shrock front bumper too, but I called Jim and found out that he only got a 1/2 order back from the laser cutter, so it's going to be another month.

Anyway... I'm getting off track. Any tricks or suggestions before I dig in? I have never wrestled with spring packs before, and fully expect the install to be a PITA (at least that's what everyone keeps telling me).
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RMXC did some spring packs a couple of weeks ago and the instalation is pretty easy. Just remember which end goes where and make sure you have all the right parts before you get started. Also don't strip out any nuts or bolts while you are doing it and all will go well...
I'm interested...Plus please take some measurements like to the top of the wheel well before and after...
Pony had an adventure with his springs...They shipped him first gen ones to start with. The second gen springs fit a lot better :drunken:
1 - 3 of 14 Posts
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