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Username:New Addiction
Make: Nissan
Color: Red

Full titan Swap
2" body lift
Re-geared the C200 to match 3.36 of the M205
Moved up to 35's, toyo open country A/T's
Built custom rear bumper now with custom tire carrier
Shrock Front bumper
Custom diamond plate "Rad skid"
2" Rear wheel spacers
Plasti-dipped my hood, emblems and front bumper
Painted rear plastics
40" light bar on the front
Rear Roof rack lights re-mounted and wired
Front 6" lights on the bumper wired up 20" led light bar on the front bumper now
Rear seat angle change (previous owner did)
Line-x Shrock sliders (previous owner did)
HID headlights
Hard wired garage door opener on to a dash switch panel
PRG shackles
3'' spacers
custom Frankin Pack
bilstein 5100 front and rear
Ballistic fab diff cover
2 1/2" Cat Back Exhaust Replacement
High temp flat black paint for the new exhaust system
Re-wired all lights and other accessories with Blue sea fuse block
Installed 2nd transmission cooler with an AUX fan (to stop truck from going into limp mode. Successfully)

This is soon after i bought the X

Where she sits Now on 35's and a Shrock


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Rear Bumper Build in progress

The start of the build with the center piece cut and ready.

The start of the frame mounts

Frame mounts complete and ready

Bumper Mocked up in place

Bumper tacked together

Bumper before reinforcing the recovery points

Starting on Reinforcing the recovery points

Bumper center section done. just need tire carrier and holes drilled for my shackles.

Bumper painted and mounted

Finally Started the tire carrier portion

Welding finished and tire mounted (kind of, couldnt find my lug nuts)

Rear Bumper completed (For Now), still might want to mount the high lift to it...


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Front bumper

Got a Shrock but needed a rad skid so i made a temp one untill i get better materials.

Re-welded the gaps from cutting and bending the c-channel and Painted

Next was the Temporary material, Plexi Glass that i had laying around

Plexi Painted and attached


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what a Pain to upload picts, only three per post.... I need to do it a different way...

Here are some picts of how the rear bumper is now. Once i start using Photobucket ill upload some progress picts also..

Edit: Alright started using photo bucket = much better :rockin:

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I have a ton more picts to upload but I'm not going to until I upload them all to photobucket. The three picts per post will take too long
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