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New 3xAAL for 4x4 parts

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Looking around for a little more beef for my Xterras rear I came across this: Xterra AAL Has anyone tried this combo yet? It looks like a good solution for llift, load carrying, and bottoming out.
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Did not know it was available. Wonder if you still need the shims.

Those alcan (sic) leaf packs that PB and a few others bought might be a better solution.
According to Jane you need to use the shims still. The AAL is about half the price of new leafs from Alcan. I got a quote from Alcan last week. I am on the fence of what to do.
IMO: from my personal experience with the crap stock leaf springs fr(Broken front hook) I would purchase the alcan. If you need to install a new stock leaf it will cost you at least $200 for 1 side! Plus $165 plus the shims puts you a little closer.

I am assuming that it is roughly $300 for a set of springs plus shipping?
Do they come with military wrapped ends?
This is whats included:
Military wrapped ends
Axle Alignment Shims

I had them quote for 3" lift and 250#'s cargo. They quoted me $230 each spring and it would take 2-3 weeks to get.

I don't think that is too bad of a deal.
Someone said around $400 shipped, so yeah. I'm probably done modding, but if I do any more mods to the X (might not keep it past next year...long story...anyway...), it's going to be a) snork if it ever comes out, and b) new springs in the back. I was going to go with Alcan, however, this 3-leaf add on seems like a decent option at half the price of the Alcans. I mostly wanted a new pack because I wanted a significantly more stiff rear end and not just a lift.
armandov99 said:
I wanted a significantly more stiff rear end and not just a lift.
Thats what I am after. You know if someone was to read this post out of context I would have a lot of explaining to do.
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