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New '06 OR MT....

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Man I love this truck! Got it three weeks ago and this thing rocks! Only problem is that it's the wife's vehicle.....
Anyway, I live in CO so I should be able to get some good mountain driving in. First up is some Shrock sliders and skid plates as the factory plates are pitiful. I think I even convinced the wife that we need the Shrock front bumper too! ;)
Only gripes I have are small. I think the factory carpet is a little weeney. The rack on top is a little monstrous. Could have been built a little more svelt and still had good carrying capacity. Also the rear springs need to be a little beefier. I think I might try some Timbrens but am worried that it will affect wheel travel. Maybee some extended shackles? Anyone know of the smallest lift shackles I can get (don't wanna change shocks)?
BTW love the site!
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Welcome aboard. Have you checked out RMXC yet? Good group of folks, and always ready to lend a hand with mods!
welcome to the site.
try these shackles. everybodys doing it.
Welcome aboard! :wav:
Thanks for the warm welcome! :cheese:
Welcome to the OR MT club.
Welcome to the club. :wave:
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