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Hey everyone. I just bought an 05 Xterra S 4x4 with 100K mile. The X is really clean but I have recently found out it has some issues that need to be taken care of.

Timing chain whine is the major issue, other stuff is normal wear and tear items, tune up stuff etc.

The whine is just starting and not very loud at all.

I did just do a bypass of the trans coolant lines in the radiator though. I siply switched the two hoses and went from

trans->trans cooler->radiator->trans


trans->trans cooler->trans

I am just running a closed loop in the bottom of the radiator. I know this is not a permanent fix, but I wanted to prevent any fluid mixture until I figure out how I want to proceed. New radiator? Extra trans cooler with the bypass? Leave it alone and run it like it is?

For those of you on all the forums I apologize for the repeated questions and posts.... just trying to get as many opinions as possible.

All in all I am excited about my X and plan to make it into a great truck that will keep on rolling for another 100K miles. Glad to be a part of this group,and look forward to meeting some of you.

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Welcome to the forum. Where in Nova are you? I'm in Fredericksburg.
Also, you asked about trans bypass stuff. If you want (and this is simply just another option out there) click on the link to my build thread below this post and at the top is a couple links, one of which has pictures and info on what I did for my trans bypass.

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