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Need Maintainence Parts?

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Hey guys.

I just found this site.

They have a lot of maintainence type stuff for the Xterra. Air filters, oil filters, lug nuts, lots of stuff. Nothing aftermarket, but their prices seem pretty reasonable. I've never ordered anything from them, but just an option. They have the Fram Air Hog airfilter for 33 bucks, and I was looking at it at Advanced Auto the other day and it was like 55. Hope this helps someone.
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I have been using them for my rebuild cars for 5 years. They are great and great Customer service! Ordered about 10K in parts from them, never a mistake, only some needed install tips and once I had to look closer for some parts in a box. I love that place! MC
A vendor that treats MC with respect? Get out of here!!! :cyclops:
I started using them 1st Caddy I bought, the price difference is amazing! The fit and function the same. Fast ship and you get what you ordered.
And they have some off the wall parts! Things you would never believe they would have. MC
Yeah like I said I have never ordered anything but the prices looked pretty good. MC its just asking for you to get the Air Hog and try it out. :)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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