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Need help with AAL install... and some minor Calmini bashing

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Well, after waiting more than a month for my Calmini AAL kit to arrive (after being told no less than 3 times on the phone that it was going to ship "today") I finally received the kit. Great looking product with U bolts, bump stop extensions, and shims.... but wait, no installation instructions. Called Calmini back and was told, in a somewhat impatient manner, that of course there are no instructions, you just bolt them on in order and away you go. I asked about the shims and in an even more impatient tone was told that I "just slide them between the axle and the spring enough to adjust the pinion angle to the correct degree so there is no vibration." Okay, I understand the concept, but would have liked a little more technical explanation if they are not going to include any instructions.

So, does anyone know where I could find a decent write-up of the installation process (I already searched). Fastdrmr, I know you are partial to Calmini, so I apologize that I'm bashing them a little, it was just a little frustrating. Did you install yourself or have a shop do it? Thanks for any help.

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Seriouly I had the same issue with AC shackles. I could have figured it out, but I didn't want to.

Dan wrote AAL install procedures here. Not for Calmini, but should help. They are right after the shackle instructions.

Good luck.
I think I can help you some. I think it does suck that they don't give you instructions as I couldn't figure out what the bump stop extenders were at first.

The other problem I ran into was the fact that it doesn't come with larger leaf holders.

Any way.

Jack up the rear of the truck and place on jack stands (under frame) so that the back tires are off the ground.
Place jack under one of the leaf hangers and remove U bolts
Lower leafs with jack until they are fully extended
Jack up the axle until there is a gap between the leafs and the axle tube
Use two large C clamps to hold leaf packs together
Use Vice grips (or similar) to grip the top of the center bolt and use a socket to remove the nut on the bottom of the center bolt
Slowly remove the C clamps
Remove and lay the over load spring asside
Remove old center bolt
Use the C clamps to hold the new AAL kit against the spring pack (you can re-install the over load spring, I opped not to)
Place shim on top of the spring pack so it goes between the axle tube and the spring (The thin part of the shim goes towards the rear of the vehicle)
Insert new center bolt (this is a pain as it's so long, you can either jack up the axle until it clears, or cut the bolt before installing it
Tighten the center bolt
Slowly remove the C clamps
Lower the axle and jackup the spring pack until it meets up with the axle (pay attention to get the top of the center bolt into the hole in the axle tube bracket
Install U bolts (torque down to 75ft-lbs)
Repeat on other side.
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Makes one wonder: What if a company actually wanted to grow their business? If you are willing to help out those without a large mechanical background then thay may actualy be able to purchase your product and instal it...

I'll wait for a better lift to come along.
Guys, thanks a lot for the replies and the write-up. It sounds a little more complicated than the nice customer "service" rep made it sound. Hopefully all goes well.
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