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My first mod - Hella FF75 foggers

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Here's my "first mod" other then my "its a non-Jeep thing and I do understand" decal.

Hella FF75 white fog lights; I'm still waiting for the yellow colored switch from but I guess they've been hammered by the storms in the northwest so I'm using the Hella switch temporarily.

I followed the advise of a fellow Xterra owner and used a 1 1/2" wide piece of flat stock under the top edge of the grill (see photo for location) to make the lights more stable.

I took off the grill and bumper cover; an definite must to get the lights installed.

I removed the screws (4 ea side) and the bolts (1 ea side) that hold the fender liners in place, removed the bolts that hold the bottom of the bumper cover, removed the snap-pins that hold the top of the grill ( use the tool that is made to remove snap-pins; it makes life a LOT easier ). Next I slid the tabs at the bottom of the grill out of the top of the bumper cover and laid the grill face up on a blanket (no need to scratch things un-necessarily). Then I removed the snap-pins from the top of the bumper cover and slide it off the tabs under the headlights and laid it face up on a blanket.

now that everythings apart it was time to put together the Hella foggers; and I mean that everything had to be put together... from crimping connectors to installing the bulbs which kind of surprised me. But that only took about 45 minutes. NOTE: Hella does NOT include enough wire so I had to run out and get another 10 feet.

I measured where I wanted the lights to be mounted on the bumper cover and used those measurements to determine how long a piece of flat stock I'd need and where the holes should be drilled. (note that there are small ridges of plastic on the underside of the bumper cover so I had to shorten the flat stock by about an inch on each end - so measure twice and cut once. Once the holes were drilled in the flat stock I used it as a template as to where to drill the holes through the bumper cover. Once that was done I mounted the lights to the bumper.

I put the bumper cover back in place then routed the wires where I wanted them to go then mounted the grill.

I mounted the relay against the firewall on the passenger side and ran the load power wire through the rubber grommet on the driver's side of the firewall. For source I used the power wire that's under the console (which did come off pretty easily) ; but in my case the wire was brown - not purple. I used bolts on the frame to ground each fogger, the relay and a bolt for the brake pedal as a ground for the switch.

The plastic lower half of the dash on the driver's side is held in place with a screw on the lower right corner; once that's out it was easy to pop the dash out... the left side I left in place. I popped the right switch blank out, drilled out a 1/2" hole, slid it back in and and ran my wires through it and plugged them into the switch, held my breath and fired it up; HA! lights came on with the key in the ignition position only so I don't have to worry about killing my battery.

Now I'm just waiting for my yellow fogger switch from 4x4mods and I'll be in business.

BIG THANKS to the folks that posted the steps they used to make their mods - it made my life a LOT easier.
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Waiting for them pictures.
Your wire was brown not purple? Hummmm Mine too, I thought it was just mine. I guess good reason not to mention colors in some situations.
Can you see the pics now?
Yep that looks cool! MC
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