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I love my '05 X. I've owned a Gen 1 before and loved it. My 1st 4x4 was a GMC Jimmy. I had learned to drive stick in a Chevy Blazer (same truck different name) so it was very familiar to me.

But my first true 4X4 love was a Mitsubishi Montero. I bought a '90 in 94 and had it for 10 years. It was the first vehicle I got to 250k miles. It never let me down until the head gasket blew.

I saw this at work today. I chatted up the owner a bit. It is a 1991 Monty that he bought a few months ago. It only has 147k miles on it!

He gave me the number of the guy in Iowa that he got it from. The guy rebuilds old 4X4's like Montys and Isuzu Troopers. Gonna call and chat him up about the Montys but also ask him if he does Xterras.

I hope the X isnt jealous, but boy howdy do I miss my Montero.

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