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MtDewMike - Welcome Aboard the Black Pearl!

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Username: MtDewMike
Year: 2006
Make: Nissan
Model: Xterra
Trim: Off Road
Color: Super Black

3" Suspension Lift
2" Body Lift


Wheels and Tires


Misc Exterior Mods

Misc Interior Mods

ECXC 2016

August 2015

The Making of the Black Pearl - Build Threads
Bad bearing, so let's replace the axle
Proposed Suspension Lift
Proposed Suspension Lift - Phase 2
Face Lift
CB Dilemma
Navigation and Communication
Draken Off Road Armor for Second Gen's
A Mod Day in New Jersey
Replacement LED's

Aye, I still have other mods on me list o' things t' do! I'll update this here thread as me voyage continues. Ye best be movin' along now, ye scallywags! pirate


Lifted - Phase 1

Lifted - Phase 2

ECXC 2009 (Pictures taken by Derek - Inurteeth2)

Draken Off Road Front Winch Bumper

Interior LED lights

Gobi ladder

October 2014
New rear suspension installed, with the help of my friend Jesse, my cousin Fred, Dave (rcheliman) and Suresh (dirtysocks). New rear shocks, Alcan leaf packs, Nisstec rear lower shock mount skidplates and Bandit 4x4 leaf pack skidplates.

May 2015
Shrock front bumper and 2" BL installed with the help of the Brooklyn/Jersey crew.

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That's for the torsion bars on a first gen.
i like the lift
Good looking X Mike

hope to finally wheel with you some time this season
I wonder if you could do the 'Face Lift' (on just the grill) with the same bed liner that is used in the wheel mod.
so whats the difference between phase 1 and 2?
miles said:
so whats the difference between phase 1 and 2?
About .5" up front.

In phase 1, I had the AC coils on stock Bilsteins up front. In the back, I had AC shackles and Calmini AAL's.

In phase 2, I have the PRG UCA's, with Radflo coilovers up front. In the back, I have the Calmini AAL's and the PRG shackles.
Hey, Mr. President, get yourself one of these stickers:

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truck looks great! what size tires are those?
Man, I noticed I hadn't updated this in a while. Should be up to speed now. :)
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holy sh!t! you live!
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