Xterra and Frontier Skid Plates, made from 3/16" thick aluminum
Includes longer than stock M8 bolts (and washers) since some plates overlap
Uses existing bolt holes

Aluminum skid plates are lighter than steel, like 23lb vs 50lb for fuel tank skid plate. They are easier to install without being up on a lift or even on ramps, all of my skid plates went up like that at some point. It is nicer with 6" lifting ramps. Steel will be stronger if you really plan on grinding and if 200lb+ of skid plates weight is not a concern. Or you can go lighter and still have accidental protection with less than 100lb with aluminum.

Aluminum has no rust concerns. Leave it with shiny manufactured finish or sand it, paint it… now or later. Sand it when it shows age -- sand it while on the car, and up on a lift, done in a few minutes — and you can end there, just sanding, no painting.

Fuel Tank
Wheel Tire Automotive tire Vehicle Hood

Transfer Case
Wheel Tire Vehicle Automotive tire Hood

Wheel Tire Car Vehicle Automotive lighting

Wheel Tire Vehicle Car Automotive tire

Turnaround before shipping: 1 week generally, could extend to 2 weeks.
Prices: Fuel tank $400, others $300 each, shipping: $30-$100+, depends on location, size and weight. Shipped by UPS.

History of these skid plates and other past details: