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Sherpa side panel, attaches to stock rails (other rack attachments possible in the future, depending on interest)

Bar hugging mounts attach to stock rails
L shaped aluminum panel attaches those mounts to main panel
Main panel here is all covered with Rotopax gas and water

Mounting photos: roXterra Molle Panel for Gen2 Xterra - roXterra Designs - Roof Racks and Molle Panels for Xterran Gen2 2005-2015 and Gen1 2000-2004

Use photos: roXterra Molle Panel for Gen2 Xterra - roXterra Designs - Roof Racks and Molle Panels for Xterran Gen2 2005-2015 and Gen1 2000-2004

Main panel already has these 4+4 square holes for Rotopax. They are just holes until you use them (or not use them)
Time will tell what other uses buyers have for a side mount, something flat
Looks great bare too!


Tread boards can be above (parallel to the roof rack, but slightly lower) like in the above picture, or sideways as the flowing picture shows.

Treadboards need a removable panel. The panel could be used as a future horizontal platform attached to the main panel..... or a carrying tray! bear swatter, mosquito swatter, manual air conditioning, snow or sand shoveler...

Showing are slot holes which could be used as secondary tie downs with straps to some cargo that need it, X shapes are 1/4" holes which can be used, or new holes may be drilled by you, and this being aluminum makes the drilling easier.

This sub panel only works with aftermarket (non Maxtrax tread board due to hole and length requirements.

Maxtrax will have its own, 10 inches longer and few inches wider panel.

Shovels can also be mounted to the top or side areas

All panels are made of aluminum, but some of the prototypes (available shortly) had metal L shape bracket

3/8" stainless steel for mounting L panel to stock rail mounts
M6 1" stainless mounting rail mounts around stock rails (brackets have M6 threads)
1/4" stainless main to L panels
3/8" zinc plated bolts stick out above and hold the tread boards, 3.5" is long enough for 2 aftermarket boards
(all the stainless steel ones I saw have thread starting after 2 inches, and with the above setup, you need threads starting from start to end. The washer/panel/washer/nut combo allows for a fixed in place holder with the bolts sticking out, so when you take boards on/off you just loosen another nut (2 more washers involved, 1 holds the boards from below, one from above)
Maxtrax panel (coming soon) will favor Maxtrax mounts, they work well

Also included:
3" suction cups with a bolt in the middle, attaches to main panel with a nut
3 mounts that attach to the stock rails

Price: starts at $425 bare aluminum for main panel + L panel + mounting brackets, suction cups, M6, 1/4, 3/8 bolts..
More details here: Xterra Roof Racks and Molle Panels - roXterra Designs - Roof Racks and Molle Panels for Xterran Gen2 2005-2015 and Gen1 2000-2004
(but no prices listed yet..... will be soon, ask me too...)
more for powder coating, more for board mounts, Rotopax not included....

Here was the first thread with the project beginnings:

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I have also prototypes,
full aluminum,
aluminum main + steel L bracket

all have Rotopax holes, some don't fit as nicely as later ones, all are spray painted but not clear coated
I will have photos based on interest (let me know and that will make me post the pictures sooner)

Driver side and passenger side (while the main panel can be flipped, the L panel is dedicated and cannot)

All the pictures you see are with prototypes, one panel may be longer than the attaching one, or there is a bigger gap in one corner than another.

Below has a gap on the right, but not on the left -- that can be minimized by adjusting the 4 bolts joining the L panel to the main panel, the main panel has 4 slots (not holes) which lets you minimize the gap here. This panel is also painted now.

$200 shipped for main panel + L panel

Stock rail mounts are $15 per 2, not from me, but could be from me if you wait a day.... those would be extra (regular price includes them). You need 3 of them for a good fit, 4 of them for over achievers 馃榾 who don't want to fit a stock cross rail between them

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I have driven 1,000 miles with the changing prototypes, first one on passenger side, now both, bare panels or with Rotopax with/without tread boards... always with tread boards since they arrived 2 weeks ago.

Vibrations? Only unavoidable ones, if you drive on washboard roads or in 80mph+ there is movement if you look for it, but nothing annoying, nothing surprising, if you mount 2 hard surfaces together, like Rotopax on steel, 1/8" thick cushioning tape will avoid them vibrating.

I use the water daily, turn the knob and water comes out, no more effort (other than the black cap moving to the side that covers the very tip), in town or on the trail, I always find it useful, as I knew I would.

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Adding Maxtrax support, quite a different mounting hole setup than other boards. 37 inch panel supports it, Maxtrax pins mounted. It鈥檚 quicker on off with these pins than regular bolts and tools. Room for a small lock in any of those pin holes.

Otherwise the boards use half the roofrack area.
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