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Installed the Slim rack this morning with some bolted on Rotopax mounts (concept borrowed from another member here). I really wanted a low vis option and this fit the bill perfectly. Super easy to install alone, build quality is top tier, thoughtful design, and a very fast turnaround.

DIY muffler clamp awning mount also fit nicely with room to spare.

@roXterra quickly answered every question I had while also helping with mounting ideas for the Rotopax. Can't wait to put the rack to use.

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Roof Rack Sale
$100 off
plus shipping combining can save another $50. CA and WA get most shipments already, currently LA and Killeen,TX are scheduled already for near future.

Lowrider photos: roXterra Lowrider Roofrack - roXterra Designs - Roof Racks and Molle Panels for Xterran Gen2 2005-2015 and Gen1 2000-2004
Slim photos: roXterra Slim Roofrack - roXterra Designs - Roof Racks and Molle Panels for Xterran Gen2 2005-2015 and Gen1 2000-2004

$585 Aluminum or Steel, Slim or Lowrider
$80 mesh floor welded to top of the lower level - allows 100+ holes for attachments
$170 powder coated in black
$30 Thule tabs - on top of the rack, allows for mounting Thule bars
$20 Powder coated U bolts
$150 shipping

Minimal cost
$100 shipping (combined, assumed there is someone else near you in the near future, doesn't have to be just rack, we ship other things too)
$665 without paint (you paint)

making it $331, rest in January (if you so choose, which may move you down the line on production/delivery)
if you want to wait til February, that's ok too

$25 more off if you're in one of the light colored states (not yet shipped to), which probably takes away the $50 shipping combined, putting you at $690 total instead (without paint)

Saving more:
(get Aluminum to play it safe with rust)
Paint it yourself and get it better painted/powder coated next year
Some buyers (in LA area for example) have powder coating connections

We are approaching 50 roof rack sales, hence the sale idea, and I can secure enough aluminum tubing for 3-5 racks maybe more. There hasn't been a sale before, prices just have gone up over the past 2 years.

Where the racks have gone so far (WA and CA most frequently) - in dark blue
Map World Font Electric blue Screenshot

On just one occasion the roof rack was only 50% prepaid on start, rest was paid just prior to powder coating.
I could do that on this sale too, 50% down and rest prior to powder (or shipping if it ships bare).

This sale will end at the end of November.
But material availability dictates all, if the local place sells out and can't get it (or can but at double the cost), this won't work.

Turnaround would be in the 2 week neighborhood for welding by itself, powder coating takes a week (mid December can be actually really quick for powder coating, but then it goes back to long waits by the end of the year and start). Or the steady 1 week powder coating from another place.

If you are tempted/thinking/don't know yet, you should still let me know so that you don't get left out.

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Finally got to utilize the roof rack out in the Mojave. I had an unexpected passenger who also overpacked hence the green tarped cargo on the front. I was really glad I got that mesh flooring for the extra attachment points for strapping down. Had quite a bit of weight up there but the rack was solid.

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