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There won鈥檛 be many prototypes, book yours now.
Imperfections in prototypes:
First one has top mounting hole twice as big as future.
Slightly different outside curves
A bit of warping.

$52 shipped for prototypes, not many copies.
More copies on Saturday (Besides single one today...took 3 hours)

Future approximate pricing, hardware tbd, like L shape bottom mounts
$75 shipped for Plasma cut molles, like this one.
$90 shipped for Laser cut molles

or get 2 for 10% off

plasma cut molles may have overall warping so it鈥檚 not perfectly flat, laser would be. The Warping comes from heat from cutting even after hopping around all over the place to limit proximity cuting. You will notice warping in hand and on table. In your window? If you have too much time on your hands perhaps.

unisex, fits either side, roXterra name faces inside on driver side and outside on passenger

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I like the raw steel look. Maybe just buff and clear coat? I like the accent and lightness. Not black. Input anyone?
Testing passenger side. Driver visibility is fine with this load, all in the back, mostly see through.
Needs better shorter orange hooks but these just fit into that 1/4 inch holes
Note the bandaid! I had to use 2 today already, not from Molle but from burning rope ends.


driver view - not obstructed at all

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I know these spots are likely from where the plasma cutter either starts or ends, but is there any way to eliminate these little cutouts in the corners?

If it is from the start/end point, would it be possible to offset that point so that the opening is a smoother shape?

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Newer tip will help. I will post new copy photos tomorrow. Also there is heat buildup so cuts degrade on the same sheet.

but for perfection you want laser technology. Triple the cost And up, of $20k plasma CNC machine.
It鈥檚 more money for a Molle, but with enough interest I can get laser cuts. I posted approximate prices earlier.
A lot of interest means 10 people want it at the same time.
I suspect most will find Plasma (current look) enough?

I will post other new copies with new tips for your examination.

If anyone wants something custom, your name, etc, all is possible for a price. Even drawing, art, flag, etc. A lot more so with plasmas cuts though. (Because of who is operating the machine.)

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Some more feedback...
We will try reprogramming for start/end on the straight section.
Still the above is true, laser is laser and plasma is generally enough, except for when it's not.

Good point though! I am glad to see someone is more picky than me! I was still in the wow phase.... wow, the cardboard has been upgraded after a week of prep.

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Using both sides now, keeping it light and most used stuff on the passenger side
My tape measure #3 (even having 2 in the car wasn't enough, they kept disappearing)
Home Depot orange hooks fit the 1/4" round holes pretty well, even if the sharp tip looks scary on the glass side.
Still wanting: 1" strap to tighten up the sagging. Short tiny hooks to fit 1/4 inch hole

And heavier things on the driver side. Running out of things to mount but there is always something...

Molle is only attached with double sided tape at the bottom of the L brackets (not a permanent solution) and zip ties from the top hook and L brackets on the bottom.
On Wednesday I will be taking the bottom panel off, tape 2x2 inch squares behind the panel, drill both, have metal to metal mount with plastic in between. (also attaching LED strip in the area then)

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I'm excited for the possibility of adding my own name/logo - that would be cool. And if the plasma isn't that precise I can either sand it or deal with it; it's not a deal-breaker. Just asking if it could be adjusted.

If there is sagging, is 11-guage still an option?

Agree with you on the color. My X is also red so the grey looks good.

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up top the Molle attaches to the hook

down below are 2 right angled L brackets. 2 sheet metal screws should mount to the Molle.
The other 2 self tapping screws should go through plastic and into metal below it.

here the Molle hole cutouts are used for that purpose


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Here are the first 4 prototypes for sale. The first and the last. Regular price is about +$20 after these.

#1 is for Citron
#3 has an issue, a step after the second R in the logo, and left middle chunk is missing on the edge

I have gotten private messages from you... you know who you are.. now is the time to pay, discuss, pick one from the list of these 4

Priority is of course to the first ones who emailed me earliest, based on fast payments
Price is $52 shipped just for the Molle itself, unless shipping is over $12, then it's $40+shipping





1) L bracket shown, zinc plated, 1.5" side length, 0.75" hole to hole........ $1 each if coming with Molle
currently I use 2 per Molle, mounting to the bottom, but I will need 1 more on each side of the Molle, for a total of 4 -- it's ok with 2, but just ok, and I want it great in worse case too, hence 4 mounts
- or make your own, note the 2 slits at the bottom of the Molle, meant for attaching to these L brackets

2) molle to L bracket attachment..... #12 3/8" long sheet metal screw suggested, still tbd

3) L bracket through plastic to metal anchor below..... 1" self tapping screw suggested, anchor pre-drilled

2) and 3) can be part of future hardware offered

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I have many self tapping #10 3/4 inch long screws, Phillips head.
Use it to attach the above L bracket through plastic into small hole in anchoring steel below.
Let me know if you need them.
Will be in future mounting hardware set.

Also #12 self tapper works


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Suggested Hardware:
0) L brackets - 2 for bottom (but more for sides is suggested)
1) bolt/nut through L bracket and Molle
2) self tapping screws making a plastic sandwich

There are many variations of what I could include, 2 brackets? 4? 6?
With tapping bolts only, or some? With bolt/nuts for all, or some?

Just tell me how many of each you want and we can work out a price.
Zip ties can be used as temporary attachments.

For those who already paid for the prototype, let me know right away if you want any of the bolts, or I will ship without the bolts...

1) attaching Molle to bracket -- top bolt. This uses a locking washer on the far side (not shown) and a locking nut showing. 1/2 inch bolt

At the bottom is a sheet metal #12 1 inch bolt -- works sometimes, won't work forever, and doesn't tighten enough. This is a quick, temporary solution which should not be counted on

another angle showing the locking washer at the bottom, then L bracket, Molle and on top is a locking nut

2) attaching bracket to Xterra plastic
  • self tapping screws slip through the L bracket, through the Xterra plastic and into metal anchors
  • the metal brackets here are 1" x 1.5" and are the cutouts from the Molle, I only have 7, can get more, but this is not treated steel and will rust, so unless you coat it, this is not an ideal solution. Something zinc plated about this size would work better.
If there is a lot of interest, we can make these holders (from zinc plated material), pre-drilled. (As opposed to using the current cutouts, us having to hand drill, and having material ready to rust.)


self tapping #10 3/4 inch screws
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