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I'm sure all of you have seen aftermarket (Alpine, Sony, etc) head units that are XM ready. They require you to purchase two separate boxes that convert the signal and send it to the head unit. Well, here;s what I did to install them given the limited amount of space in the dash.

The first box is about the size of two packs of smokes. This is where the antenna is connected. The box also has a set of RCA plugs and what looks like an S video cable (but isn't). This box will be the same for anybody who wishes to use these to install XM.

The second box is about the size of a deck of cards. It has the matching RCA plugs, the input for the s video looking cable and the other side has a preformed plastic connector that terminates at a AiNet cable (both male and female). The AiNet cable is propriatary for Alpine. Different brands will have a different cable, but the premise is the same for all. This box will differ based on the type of HU that you have.

Installing them was a PITA until I thought...WWMD (What would MacGyver do?)

Let's start with the antenna. I attached the antenna to the back of the X's roof in the center. I sliced a very thin gap in the hatch seal and then began running the cable along the driver's side of the truck, tucking it first in the trim, then down around the back window, over the back seat window and over the drivers window. The cable then ran down the A Pillar and towards the center of the car. Allowing for extra cable, I had 6 feet remaining when I was done. The question remaining is...where did NOCM mount the boxes?

I had my dash all taken apart for installing the HU and I couldn't see anyplace... My first thought was to install them inside the dash under where the 4x4 switch was, but it would have been very difficult to get to. I finally took apart the dash on the driver's side and was hit with a bolt of lightning. When you take the bottom panel under the steering wheel off, you will see a c-channel bar that is bolted across the expanse. There is one bolt holding the bar in on each side and they are rather sturdy. I removed this bar and brought it into the house. The larger of the two XM boxes has metal mounting tabs for screws. I bent them 90 deg and them screwed them to the C channel bar. Once that was attached, I zip tied the smaller box to the top. Zip tying the small box to the large one creates a perfect place, under the boxes to tidy up the cables. Just feed them in and zip em down. You'll see what I mean.

When you are done, you should have the c-channel with the two boxes mounted on it (in the middle of the bar). The wires should all be attached and tied up except the antenna cable and the cable that connects to the HU (AiNet in this case). Re-install the bar into the truck, attach the antenna and attach the cable to your HU. In the case of the Alpine box, the XM boxes draw their power from the HU, so there is no need to run separate power, ground or anything other than the supplied cables.

This mounting location gave me a few inches of play at the end of the supplied cable and works great. It is very sturdy. I apologize for not having pics, but you should be able to visualize what I did if you are the type that would attempt to do it yourself.

Good luck
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