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Mounted 5# Powertank (pics)

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I ordered a 5 pound bottle package from Powertank last week. I also ordered the "Power 5" bracket and a Tire inflator tool.

I was sold on these things long before I bought the Xterra (jeep buddy has a 10# bottle). After seeing the cubby hole on drivers side of the rear cargo area, I thought that it would be the perfect place for a bottle. The only issue was that the cargo pocket recess in the sidewall doesn't allow you to screw the back of the bracket to anything. So, my dad help me cut up a piece of aluminum and I sanded and spray painted it. Then bolted it to the back of the bracket to form an extension. I was able to drill sheet metal screws through the top of the aluminum bracket extension plate to the plastic sidewall just above the cargo recess.

I was a little concerned that the heads of the sheet metal screws used to screw down the bottom of the bracket might scratch up the bottom of the bottle (it's too pretty...). I tried to find some rubber pieces to put on the bottom. My dad threw out the idea to cut up an old mousepad. Worked awesome. Here's the finished product;

Before I get flamed too much, let me tell you why I went with a 5# bottle instead of a 10# bottle. Ultimately it came down to the space and weight savings. According to my calculations, using my tire size and the bottle capacity, I should be able to air up all of my tires from 20psi down three times. That means a $9 tank fill should be good for 3 trips to our local dunes OHV park.

Even though I didn't hit any metal with the sheet metal screws, only plastic, this bracket is still pretty solid. I'll let you guys know if I have any problems with it.
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Nice job man. Thanks for sharing.
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