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Thank you RBduffer (Duff man)

This is a crosspost from SCCX. It's a little quiet over there. :D,2027.msg22869.html#msg22869

Hey guys,

Look what the UPS man brought me!

PRG advanced kit

I will also have my white knuckle sliders to install.

Is anyone available to get together and show a total newb how to wrench on suspension? I would be so thankful. I live in an apartment complex without a garage so my location will not allow any as they call it "car repair work" to happen on site.

I would be MORE than happy to supply beer/soda/water food ect for all involved. It would be a great opportunity for (me) everyone to get to meet some new faces. I'm located in Placentia, but I will definitely travel!

It will be going on my '12 (27k miles). Should I prep with PB Blaster? If so, where should I spray it? Again, total newb.


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