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Mod Day / M&G Maple Shade NJ! Oct 23rd

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Ok Guys, James from Finishline has graciously offered up his shop for a Meet and greet and Mod Day, He is located in Maple Shade NJ, right around the corner from the dealership.
He has a Grill, and refrigerators, so we can stock up and get some work done, he does NOT have a lift, so we would be working with Jacks and Jack stands, I am sure GPAX would be out there, but we need a better showing!
The Dates he offered were Oct 16 or 17th and Oct 23 or 24th
So far is looks like the 23rd might be the better day, but I wanted to see if there was
a bigger preference, I would be more than happy to be involved in this, and see what I can dig up, maybe a new 2011 Xterra to show off... Lets hear it guys!
Facebook Page for convenience:!/event.php?eid=160991977244359


Here is the Line up:

Name Mod Assigned Bringing

Rook Snorkel Body Lift / Suspe Beer
Hoagie27 UCAS / BL / SUSP Macaroni Salad / Hotdogs
SexterraPA Rear Leaf / susp BL / SUSP (El Presidente Convoy)
Chris-Petrenko Cam Bolts / Titan BL / SUSP Beer
Equinox Coil Overs / Susp SUSP Soda.....
JerseyParts SUSP Meat
YotaX Butt of Jokes 4 Runner
Xterra Mike Body Lift BL / SUSP Experience
ClearStar Body Lift???? Overseeing The shop and Food

Instigator (Titan)
DrEvil (Titan)
STEVES (Titan)
TitanSE05 (Titan)
DogHauler (Titan)
mdPhoenix (Xterra)
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I should have my body lift at the shop by then. I just sold my 5 Axis body kit from my last car so I have extra funds to play with.
Anyone is welcome to bring beer, chips, meats etc..... I will have a few cases of yuengling bottles and coors cans, about 40 burgers and 40 hotdogs, sodas, plates, chips etc.

So if there something specific you'd like to bring feel free.

This isnt enough eh? May need more beer :)
Yuengling (48)
Coors (48)
Burgers (40)
Hot Dogs (40)
Chips (6 Bags)
Sodas (4 Cases)
Plates, Cup, and Condiments.
(Im not picking this stuff up until friday night or sat morning)

I also have 2 picked up 2 new tanks of propane and a new grill.

Also I am off to Seattle and Canada until Oct 1st, then headed to Virginia until Oct 11th so If anyone needs to update me on anything feel free to email me or call.

609-458-4518 James
[email protected]
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Also noted... I open the shop at 9am... anyone is welcome from 9am on. I told the local police about it so we wont be bothered and I'm sure some of them will be stopping by for some food.
If anyone needs any parts as well just list them and Ill see what I can get them here for.

Bully Dog GT, Ready Lift, DayStar, Pretty much anything I can get here and save on shipping and all that jazz.
If it involves cutting stuff and beer then yes.

Also have a mig on hand if anyone needs any welding done.
I have 3 jacks and 6 jack stands... I may be picking up another set of stands and jack as well. I have tons of tools as well air and all on hand. The shop may be available on sunday as well if things run into the next day. (we are normally closed on sundays)
Ill be there.... Ill grab what ever else is needed the day of food and other stuff.
Thanks Mike good meeting you seen pics of the new tires on the truck.
I ordered a 2" body lift, little bit easier to return to stock when I do trade it back in and it wont take up that much shop time so everyone else can get stuff done as well.

Im off to Canada guys see if you need to get a hold of me email goes to my phone.

[email protected]
Probably a long shot, but there doesn't happen to be a tire mounter and balancer there is there?
Na my stuff is all at the philly location and no one is usually there on Sat.
Just got back in to the shop my lift kits in... everything else is good on my end. Been trying to keep up with the thread.
Beer is welcome.... our fridge is usually stocked with it for long ruff days.....

Only thing I car about is guns, swords, ninja stars, trebuchets, and c4.

Everything else is welcome.
Should have a live web feed
I already have a live web feed for myself when Im out of town I can check in on the shop to see whats going on but its has a setup login. I need to configure a second login and pw for everyone.

I was working on it today and should all be done before I leave for VA this week.

Heres the login link:

I will post login and pw on friday.
I have a hose hook up for anyone to use.

Also if anyone wants to spray paint my other project with 98cent cans of flat black paint.... they are more then welcome.
I just ripped the bed off and used a wire rack to mount the air ride crap on. This thing needs a lot of work but I got it for fun!

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I have 2 10 x 10 tents that will be set up out back, not that most xterras will fit under them but good if you need stuff outside or pull vehicles up next to it to block the sun a little if needed.
There can always be more meet and mods days as well. As long as everyone has a good time I dont mind doing it every month or every other month kind of thing.
I think I'm gonna get there a lot earlier. Clearstar, if you see a tent in the parking lot, don't call the cops.
I don't need to call the cops, they are usually already hanging out in the parking lot as it is. :)

I already let them know whats going on so they wont ask questions.
I'm thinking about letting 6 or a dozen white doves free when I show up.
Need to video tape that ****!
Please bring chairs if you feel the need to sit down. I don't have but a few, mostly because not much sitting gets done at the shop.
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