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Mod Day / M&G Maple Shade NJ! Oct 23rd

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Ok Guys, James from Finishline has graciously offered up his shop for a Meet and greet and Mod Day, He is located in Maple Shade NJ, right around the corner from the dealership.
He has a Grill, and refrigerators, so we can stock up and get some work done, he does NOT have a lift, so we would be working with Jacks and Jack stands, I am sure GPAX would be out there, but we need a better showing!
The Dates he offered were Oct 16 or 17th and Oct 23 or 24th
So far is looks like the 23rd might be the better day, but I wanted to see if there was
a bigger preference, I would be more than happy to be involved in this, and see what I can dig up, maybe a new 2011 Xterra to show off... Lets hear it guys!
Facebook Page for convenience:!/event.php?eid=160991977244359


Here is the Line up:

Name Mod Assigned Bringing

Rook Snorkel Body Lift / Suspe Beer
Hoagie27 UCAS / BL / SUSP Macaroni Salad / Hotdogs
SexterraPA Rear Leaf / susp BL / SUSP (El Presidente Convoy)
Chris-Petrenko Cam Bolts / Titan BL / SUSP Beer
Equinox Coil Overs / Susp SUSP Soda.....
JerseyParts SUSP Meat
YotaX Butt of Jokes 4 Runner
Xterra Mike Body Lift BL / SUSP Experience
ClearStar Body Lift???? Overseeing The shop and Food

Instigator (Titan)
DrEvil (Titan)
STEVES (Titan)
TitanSE05 (Titan)
DogHauler (Titan)
mdPhoenix (Xterra)
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That's like 15 minutes from my crib.... I definitely need to come granted I order parts by then, or just to help out.
If I come I'll let you have the honor of detailing my X. What?!.... I'll help. ha.
Haha, I'll bring some stuff along if you'd like. Rook, I'm definitely gonna come provided I'm home and have it open.
I should have my lift parts ordered by then, so I plan on doing a front spacer and AAL lift if you guys wouldn't mind.
I just ordered my front spacer, looks like I'm definitely coming.
I can do headlight restorations if anyone needs one. I should have enough wetsand paper. Not sure what else I can offer that people would like.
Will do. It's the least I could do. There is a stipulation with the headlight restoration though. The yellow cloudy look that you see is actually the UV coating degraded. So although you should remove the oxidized layer, it also removes the UV protection which makes it yellow quicker than normal, in most cases. This still takes a few years, and when I restored my Lincoln LS headlights I didn't notice any yellowing. Whenever you wax your truck, just wax the headlights too.
SN: RefleX
Name: Kyle a.k.a. Ferrari Slayer
Time of arrival: 9:00am
Capabilities: Restoring headlights and other cosmetic things (taking suggestions!). I'm not very motor-literate, yet...
Mods: Spacer/Bumpstops/Cam Bolts, AAL/Shim
Bringing: Beer? I can't cook for my damn life. Hot pockets and lunchables anyone?
Doesn't clearstar do this for a living?
I just ordered all of my suspension components, minus the bumpstops. Here we go!
Do we have an order for modifications being put on or is it first come first serve?
I may show up a hell of a lot earlier then and snag you and Stephen if I can. Stephen, if you read this, are you able to take your headlights off without removing the bumper? That could be problematic if I can't get in there with my rotary, although I do have an extension.
The Heep Liberty is more than welcome.
I can not be there till later in the day, like about 11:00, I already commited to help someone move that morning, luckily, they are moving to Marlton, so I can shoot up 73.
It will be a First Come - First Serve so no one is waiting for a particular job, we should have more than enough people to do everything, but EVERYBODY has to be prepared to not get their Mod done! We ran into this in the Past, and we do not want hard feelings.
We just want to limit how many hands are on ONE job at a time, so it doesn't become an issue.
So if you have BL experience, jump in, if you WANT BL experience, stand back and watch, if the guys need a hand, they will ask for it!
The purpose of the day is for everyone to help each other out, but we need to respect the Hosts shop, He does Audio for a Living, so I am sure he would be more than willing to discount an Install, But please ask him first, if he has no problem with someone doing it for you, hey thats great, but lets give him that opportunity!
He is away until the 2nd week in october i believe, but he does have access to email, so if you need him, shoot him an email through the board.
I am sure someone can organize things until I get there, and then we can get the grills fired up!
Also, anyone needing anything from me, let me know before the meet, I might be making a run to the Dealer during the meet, but I don't want to keep driving back and forth!

This is gonna be an awesome meet, I think everyone will have a good time, we just have to prepare for the worst.

Do you guys do alignments at the dealership? If I get my lift put on that is.
I feel very comfortable that Stephen acknowledged me as a human. Viva la GPAX!
I'm psyched for this meet. I missed the trail run and I'm still pissed about that.
I'm thinking about just bringing a lot of car wash chemicals and such in case anyone wants to get into some detailing. I need some suggestions on what you guys want done, i.e. problem areas like built up brake dust, tar, rough paint....or stuff you'd like done, like waxing, tire dressing, window sealing, headlights, yada yada. I can also recommend you guys different products and write some notes for you. I feel like I need to give more to the meet. Clearstar, do you have a hose hookup?
If I don't sell my foam cannon by the meet, and we have running water, we'll bust it out.
Thanks bro. You are going to **** yourself when you see some of the trail damage and pinstriping on some of the rigs at this meet. mine aint pretty either. Lol
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Well I'll be sure to bring some Depends lol. Like I said before in the other thread, polishing takes a long time, so if someone wants to address that on their truck be forewarned. We'll probably only be able to make one pass with the polisher around the truck, it's gonna take a couple hours.
Cool. If you didn't have a hose hookup I could have brought a Rinseless wash product that kicks ASS. If anyone wants to try this stuff you're more than welcome to. It's called Optimum No Rinse. You could technically wash your truck on the trail if you have 5 gallons of water.
Well to remove the pinstriping it's gonna take polishing, that's for sure.
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