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Mod Day / M&G Maple Shade NJ! Oct 23rd

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Ok Guys, James from Finishline has graciously offered up his shop for a Meet and greet and Mod Day, He is located in Maple Shade NJ, right around the corner from the dealership.
He has a Grill, and refrigerators, so we can stock up and get some work done, he does NOT have a lift, so we would be working with Jacks and Jack stands, I am sure GPAX would be out there, but we need a better showing!
The Dates he offered were Oct 16 or 17th and Oct 23 or 24th
So far is looks like the 23rd might be the better day, but I wanted to see if there was
a bigger preference, I would be more than happy to be involved in this, and see what I can dig up, maybe a new 2011 Xterra to show off... Lets hear it guys!
Facebook Page for convenience:!/event.php?eid=160991977244359


Here is the Line up:

Name Mod Assigned Bringing

Rook Snorkel Body Lift / Suspe Beer
Hoagie27 UCAS / BL / SUSP Macaroni Salad / Hotdogs
SexterraPA Rear Leaf / susp BL / SUSP (El Presidente Convoy)
Chris-Petrenko Cam Bolts / Titan BL / SUSP Beer
Equinox Coil Overs / Susp SUSP Soda.....
JerseyParts SUSP Meat
YotaX Butt of Jokes 4 Runner
Xterra Mike Body Lift BL / SUSP Experience
ClearStar Body Lift???? Overseeing The shop and Food

Instigator (Titan)
DrEvil (Titan)
STEVES (Titan)
TitanSE05 (Titan)
DogHauler (Titan)
mdPhoenix (Xterra)
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I may have some new hardware to install also. Count me in.
whatever works for everyone, doesnt matter to me.
I should be able to make this. I'll bring floor jack and stands + tools. Also some chips and dip.
With the list of mods to be done, this will be an all day event and then some. I may have my lift by then but not worried about getting it installed that day.

I'll be there early.
Thanks Rook, I'll post up when i get everything. Ordering the rear lift parts today. :)
^ it may have 33's on it before you leave. :)
i can bring my heat gun.
hey Rook, can you bring the half shaft down for me please?
Thanks for hosting James, you have an awesome shop! Good to see everyone again and to meet some new faces. I had a great time. The mods went well with minimal bloodshed.

RefleX, remember to check your u bolts after you drive around for a week or so to make sure they are tight.
the u bolt nuts should have 53 lbs of torque. Yeah, your X looks good with the lift. You'll need an alignment also. Sorry we forgot to do the cam bolts.
mine's still stock too, but not for long, ordered the 2.0 radflos today!!
I had a lovely accident where I sliced my arm open 6 inches long 1 inch deep right about my wrist area on Monday.
ouch, thats gonna leave a mark.

I'll be ready for a suspension lift in a couple weeks.
1 - 12 of 366 Posts
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