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Mod Day / M&G Maple Shade NJ! Oct 23rd

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Ok Guys, James from Finishline has graciously offered up his shop for a Meet and greet and Mod Day, He is located in Maple Shade NJ, right around the corner from the dealership.
He has a Grill, and refrigerators, so we can stock up and get some work done, he does NOT have a lift, so we would be working with Jacks and Jack stands, I am sure GPAX would be out there, but we need a better showing!
The Dates he offered were Oct 16 or 17th and Oct 23 or 24th
So far is looks like the 23rd might be the better day, but I wanted to see if there was
a bigger preference, I would be more than happy to be involved in this, and see what I can dig up, maybe a new 2011 Xterra to show off... Lets hear it guys!
Facebook Page for convenience:!/event.php?eid=160991977244359


Here is the Line up:

Name Mod Assigned Bringing

Rook Snorkel Body Lift / Suspe Beer
Hoagie27 UCAS / BL / SUSP Macaroni Salad / Hotdogs
SexterraPA Rear Leaf / susp BL / SUSP (El Presidente Convoy)
Chris-Petrenko Cam Bolts / Titan BL / SUSP Beer
Equinox Coil Overs / Susp SUSP Soda.....
JerseyParts SUSP Meat
YotaX Butt of Jokes 4 Runner
Xterra Mike Body Lift BL / SUSP Experience
ClearStar Body Lift???? Overseeing The shop and Food

Instigator (Titan)
DrEvil (Titan)
STEVES (Titan)
TitanSE05 (Titan)
DogHauler (Titan)
mdPhoenix (Xterra)
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^ I will be there at 8:30 -9:00. as soon as clearstar is ready to go on his body lift I am obligated to be on that team. I will do what I can to float around...but multitasking is never my forte and a BL is very time I will have to be on task.
I'll help you with the BL if help is needed Rook. I could be there early as well with my tools (basic).
Hey guys I am new to this sight and stumbled upon it while researching replacing my own rear shocks on my 05 x. From what I have read it is pretty easy but am a little nervous about the nut/bolts being locked up and problem solving that. I know that project is busch league for you guys but if I came by and tried it myself and got in a bind would you guys be able to help?
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We'll get you straightened out don't worry.
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i need my camber bolts installed if there's time. They've been sitting in my glove box since June so i really am in no rush.
Yeah absolutely. We can definitely wax her.
you will probably have a heart attack looking at my truck ... mind taking a peak?
I have 4 heat guns at the shop and a torch.... :) Also a heater that runs of a 75 gallon propane tank if he want to melt an entire car.
I can bring mine along as well.
i will try to bring mine as well.
A heads up from the president...

I just received my work schedule and it looks like there is no way I can get to the mod day on time. I don't even think I'll be able to make until the afternoon.
That is fine el presidente ... stick around for the after festivities
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