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Hm, if I understand it correctly, this would not help after all. Would cover 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 models only :-( Sorry...

Are You And Your Vehicle Eligible For CAMVAP?
A Quick Check:
Is your dispute with the manufacturer about allegations of a defect in the assembly of your vehicle or how the manufacturer is administering the new vehicle warranty?
Are you a resident of Canada and was your vehicle originally purchased from a manufacturer authorized dealer in Canada?
Is your vehicle used primarily for personal or family use? (See our website for more information about business use)
Is your vehicle from the current or four previous model years?
Has your vehicle travelled less than 160,000 kilometers?
Have you followed the manufacturer’s dispute resolution process (check your owner’s handbook)?
Have you given each the dealer and the manufacturer a reasonable amount of time and opportunity to resolve the problem?
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