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Intro Comments: This is mostly a dream thread right now. Finding the time, money, and adequate help with taking my truck from stock to my Dream Xterra is a bit overwhelming,
but I will be updating from time to time.

Xterra's Nickname: Col. Mustard

Make: Nissan
Year: 2005
Model: Xterra
Trim: S 4x4
Color: Solar Yellow


What I've done:

A brand new Radiator! 馃檭
Took out the 3rd party auto start it came with 馃檮
Diehard Platinum 24F

Driver and passenger Carhartt Slipcovers
WeatherTech Floor Mats
NetLady Ceiling Net
Raingler tailgate net
A bobblehead + caps
Rear Cupholder replacement

Trico Exact Fit 16" rear wiper blade
American Flag Decal
OEM Black Bevel Headlights
Side Window Deflectors - I wish I had gotten the WeatherTech ones tho

What I have ordered:
OME Xterra Lift Kit
Upper Control Camber Arms
HF Tall Hoop Bumper
maXTERRA Rear Bumper

What I want/need:

Hawk's Brake Pads
Melt Mod
Gobi Ladder
Light Bar, but I haven't decided on what, exactly, that I want.
WARN Winch
Perhaps some new Speakers
HeftyFab Rock Sliders
Someone posted a bitchin' alien holster and I want that too.
Nismo Catback Exhaust
Nismo R-tune CAI
etc. etc. etc.

After all of that is said and done I'm planning to repaint my truck. I'd really like a nice black satin all over, black out the head and taillights a little, too. I was so insistent on having a Yellow Xterra but now that I'm doing stuff to it and fixing it up, I see a yellow Xterra and I want to paint it black. Other colors I'm considering include FDE and OD green. Really liking the OD green idea.

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I was in Germany! Not anymore, I'm stateside. They don't have them over there as you might know. I used to get stopped somewhat often by the locals to ask me what it was. On the boat ride my truck took back to the states, the full size SUV behind it got loose and rammed into the back of it during some turbulent waters. I heard it was pretty badly damaged, but they never sent me photos of the other SUV (they don't understand I need bragging rights).

You might not be able to see it in the photos, but my bumper was pretty rusty. I was so excited it got replaced for free by the shipping company lol.


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Recently had the X rewired and had new headlights put in.
Car Automotive parking light Land vehicle Tire Vehicle

Surprised Nissan Xterra face!

Automotive parking light Car Tire Grille Vehicle

Close up of my freckled boy lmao. If I didn't have plans to fix all those rust spots, I could call him Freckled Lemonade.

I am hoping the new bumper comes in soon, hence leaving the X with its face popped off. 馃槸

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My rain guard got messed up in a car wash last year and I finally tackled taking it off with a 3M Eraser Wheel. I wanted to see if I liked the look better with it off or on so I only did one side. Like it better with. I'm leaving them off on that one side until I paint it and then replacing them all. Or! The other ones will get fucked up in the carwash too and then I will remove them.
Vehicle Sky Car Window Motor vehicle

Tire Wheel Vehicle Car Automotive tire

Picking up some goo gone soon to finish the job. I also ordered some flag decals for my back side windows! Very excited to install those.

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Haven't replaced the spring yet, but I did replace the 12" rear wiper with a 16" one. Also cancelled the nismo bumper. I ain't even like it no more. If I had ordered a HF or SW, they'd have been here by now 馃檭 (I did wind up ordering the tall hoop HF just now.)

Automotive tail & brake light Car Vehicle Motor vehicle Automotive lighting

Vehicle Sky Car Motor vehicle Grille

I also have a few bottle caps hidden throughout the X. I'm not going to tell you where.
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