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Hello Everyone,

I was wondering if anyone in the central Texas would be interested in a Meetup somewhere/sometime in the Austin area. Have a brewskie or two and talk shop/mods?

I was thinking maybe the 16th of June @ Slab BBQ & Beer.

Let me know if anyone is interested or if there's a better date/location for something like this to go down.


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I'd drive to dallas or shreveport or texarkana (or any place around those) from AR for something if there were enough interested.
I will be in Dallas Texas Sunday afternoon through saturday morning.
May 20-26th teaching a class. I have monday afternoon free and all evenings after 5pm and free at noon on Friday (the 25th).
Dang. there's no way i could come during the work week and that weekend after is memorial day so i'll be on the river.
I will also be out of town in misery (Missouri) that week. I leave that Monday @ 5am and I don't get back into town until that Friday at around 10:30 pm.
I'm heading to the Missouri boarder that Friday to float the Spring River.
dang, I know i originally said dallas was as far as I'd go but I'd come all the way now with so many people... IF I didn't already have a float planned on that weekend.
A float trip put against any other option almost always wins. Especially the rivers here in Arkansas! If the float trip doesn't work out, you know where to find us!
It's buffalo though... I don't think the girl planning it realizes how low it gets that time of year.
Oh man, yeah it'll be low unless we get some heavy rain between now and then (which isn't likely, but possible!). We floated out there a few weekends ago and it was amazing. Every time I go I'm awed at it's beauty; it never gets old. I truly hope the levels stay up and you guys have a blast!
I'll be watching the water levels closely. If it isn't up or she picks a portion that isn't up, I'm not going. If i wanted to walk dragging a kayak, I can do that locally....
1 - 7 of 26 Posts
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