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Some of us frontier guys are going, to be held at Ridgecrest, CA on May 5th and 6th. Ridgecrest seems to be a central place for Nor/So Cal, AZ, and NV. May 5th MDR is holding a 200 mile closed corse desert race here. Ridgecrest offers many hotels (camping), a OHV area, Death Valley is only minutes away, and even sand dunes. 4wd's can find many trails in Death Valley and Ridgecrest, and 2wd's can trail run all day, or just hang out and watch the pros race. Hustoncs And I are going to Ridgecrest/Death Valley in about a week and will take pics, and get more info, for now check out the links, and start planning!

Ridgecrest info;
Econo Lodge, 760-446-2551
Carriage Inn, 760-446-7910
Best Western, 760-371-2300

Mdr pics and info;
MDR at Ridgecrest vid;

Death Valley trails;

Trail run for Sunday:
About 5 weeks to go, I am going to be there on Friday the 4th around 2pm, to set up camp and do some night running. Sat. is the MDR off road races (8am), Sun will be a trail run to Bonanza Gulch and Last Chance Canyon. Bonanza Gulch is easy(80%) to moderate(20%) trail. A stock 4x4 will be fine, but off road tires and skid plates are recommended. Last Chance Canyon is also easy(50%) to moderate(50%) with a difficult bypass about 2 miles long for those who want a challange. There is also a easy way out about mid trail to the hyway. The trail is 30 to 35 miles and should take 6 to 8 hours. Last Chance Canyon has may difficult side trails and obsticles if you want to try your luck! The links are for Last Chance Cayon and show mostly the side trails and obsticles.
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