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2014 Nissan Xterra S 4x4
118,000 miles

General Maintenance:
Oil, both diffs, transmission, and transfer case changed between 114k and 115k.
Cam and Crankshaft sensors replaced, sparkplugs replaced which included a new passenger side valve cover.
New Falken Wildpeaks

Add Ons:
Front light bar, Ironman front shocks/springs, Ironman rear shocks, 1 inch add a leaf on the rear, Hefty skid plates (all but radiator), rocksliders, Gobi rear ladder, rear diff breather kit, and new head unit with apple car play and rear view camera.
I painted the front grille and the rear bumper, paint is close but not exact.

The bad:
Small dent on the hood (clean Carfax not sure what previous owner hit) and there is a spot on the passenger side just aft of the rear passenger door.

There are a few scratches here and there, interior is ok, everything works as advertised, no mechanical issues. This isn’t a show truck, it has its squeaks here and there and had been utilized well the past 100k miles.

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Asking $14k OBO. Located in 25430


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