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I bought this rig a little over two years ago, sold my Titan to get it. I have had to borrow pickups too often to haul things, so I have decided to sell the X and go back to a truck. Has 131,319 miles of which I put about 12k. I am the third owner, the PO bought it in 2011. He was very anal and kept records of everything, including all receipts for every gas fill up. He gave all of that to me, so I have a very good history on this truck. He was a location scout for movies, so half the service was done in LA, and half in Portland, all at Nissan dealerships, besides a few oil changes at lube shops. From the records, I believe the dealer in LA was committing warranty fraud,due to some of the items replaced and why.

I lifted it about 4". It has some attractive pinstriping down the sides from off road use, tight trails in Gifford. Only a few are bad, the rest should come out with a clay bar. It will make it look like you actually go off road when parked at the mall, so I have left them. The interior has some scratches in the plastic, especially the cargo area, loading gear in and out. Few stains in the headliner from loading gear. One interior trim piece is a little loose on the driver C pillar. Normal wear for the miles. A couple of door dinges from parking lots, only in the fashionable places. A few little scratches from loading kayaks on the roof rack, remember, this is an Xterra designed for adventure, and I have used it as intended. On to the list.

Stuff by PO:
New radiator and transmission about 30k ago
New rear axle assembly about 15K ago
Pioneer Appradio 3 with hands free calling and Apple car software
Factory fog lights with factory fog light stalk
Class four hitch with 4 flat trailer wiring

Stuff by me: (Titan swap was done about 5k ago)
SPC upper titan control arms, bought from forum member
Stock Titan lower arms, bought from forum member
Extended front brake lines, new from PRG
Tie rod extension
Camber bolts
Extended CV axles, bought from forum member, he bought them new, said they had a year of use. (may have been on club frontier)
Radflo 2.5" ips coilovers bought from forum member, had rebuilt by Fullstack Motorsports in Portland
King coils 600lbs, new bought from forum member.
Progressive bump stops
Two pack add a leaf, new bought from forum member
degree shims, new from PRG
Shackle drop, bought from forum member
Bilsteins, new from PRG
rear brake line bracket extension, new from PRG
rear diff breather extension, new from Offroad Gorilla
Extended hatch shocks, new from McMaster Carr
Stock rims powder coated Flat Black
Dick Cepek Trail Country EXP in 285/75/R16 with about 6k on them
New steering wheel coil spring and both stalks (broke the coil spring during titan swap, had to buy the entire unit)

Other items that are negotiable:
All stock items from Titan swap
Xterra rear organizer box thing
light stalk
Wiper stalk

Just realized I didn't take engine bay pics or rear axle pics. If you want any more pics, let me know.


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more pics for everyone. This is a great machine, very mechanically sound. I listed everything wrong with it in the first post. Reasonable offers welcome.

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The interested party got banned for some reason. Still available.
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