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2005 Nissan Xterra
6 speed manual transmission
About 185,000 miles.
I bought this truck new.

Good stuff:
Well taken care of. It lived six years of its life on the west coast with no road salt, so it’s in better shape rust wise than a New England car. Transitioned to fully synthetic oil many years ago.

In the last year:
New Pirelli Scorpion tires in July 2020, less than 2,000 miles on them.
New spark plugs and ignition coils
New battery

In the last two years:
All new brakes, brake lines, rotors.
New radiator, hoses, caps, thermostat.
New water pump and associated belts
Various sensors and minor parts have been replaced whenever it was convenient to other work.

In the last five years:
New clutch
New vapor canister and solenoids

Other notes:
Back seat cushion is missing in photos, I have it in storage. (it was never used).

Bad stuff:
The exhaust is original, and there is no longer a tailpipe after the muffler. (I have it in storage if you want it, it fell off.)
The AC doesn’t appear to be working.(doesn't get cold, but it did last summer)
Dents and dings.

Truck is being sold as-is, it will not pass inspection due to tailpipe issue.

I also have this posted on FB marketplace and Craiglist, there are more photos, or message me for more.


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