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2005 night armour S 4x4
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Username: MaxxiD

Intro: After going back and forth over what I want to do to my X, I have settled on making it a camping/hunting/fishing rig. Modifications will be minor, i.e no T-swap, minimal lift (if any), no armour, no approach bumper

For now I am just trying to keep it on the road. I'm having awful troubles with the front end and as the title says this is a budget build (read: tightarse)

I've decided to post the cost of things I have done to the X. My whole deal is budget mods, so I thought I'd share the price of them. All amounts are in Canadian dollars and for those of you in the states (most of you I gather), Kijiji is like Craiglists

Xterra's Nickname: Armageddon

Make: Nissan
Year: 2005
Model: Xterra
Trim: S
Color: Knight armour

Truck originally cost me $2800

There she is, bone stock and dirty AF
Wheel Tire Car Sky Land vehicle


--Regular synthetic oil changes​
--Replaced ball joints​
--Replaced outer tie rods​
--Replaced front wheel bearing. Now I can finally put my new tires on and get an alignment!​

--Replaced leaf springs with used OEM ones ($130 Kijiji)
--DIY add-a-leaf(FREE!)​
--Rear KYB shocks (courtesy of user: Ryan Burwood)(FREE!)​
--Stealth grill($13 for a can of Rustoleum, still have most of it)​
--Front mounted light bar (FREE! A buddy gave it to me)​
--265/75/r16 KO2s ($360, kijiji)​
--reverse camera​
--touch screen unit​
--remote start​
--remote door locks (just the front doors currently)($40 Amazon)​
Future list
--Replace front strut assembly​
--all terrain tires ✔​
--remote trunk lock​
--single person bed​
--repair rust in rear wheel wells​


Automotive parking light Car Land vehicle Vehicle Automotive tire
Water Sky Plant Tire Vehicle
Tire Sky Water Plant Vehicle

--After replacing rear shocks and DIY add-a-leaf installation
Wheel Tire Automotive parking light Car Automotive side marker light

Added KO2s (265/75/r16), such a difference! She's shaping up to be a real hunting rig now!
Tire Car Wheel Land vehicle Vehicle
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