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Intro Comments: I purchased my Xterra yesterday after a quick refresher from research done in 2005. Back then I ended up with a G35 instead on a SUV, but the XTerra would've been it. In 2009 I got an itch for a convertible and I scratched with a used ///M3. I've always had a liked the niche the X was aimed at since inception. Testament that 10 years, and two cars later, I got me one. I'm going to be sad to see the ///M3 go, but the reason for the change is to support the more active lifestyle I've had in the last 2 years. The convertible is fun but not practical. So I'm looking to have a capable truck for Boy Scouting adventures.

Username: mauro1

Name: FLEcsy (combination of Florida and Xie)
Make: Nissan
Year: 2014
Model: Xterra
Trim: Pro-4X
Color: Night Armor


  • AVS Bugflector II [deleted due to poor fit] :violent1:
  • AVS in-channel Window Deflectors
  • Mudflap-ectomy
  • PRO-4X badgectomy
  • RDIFF Breather Extension



The day I brought the X home.

Hammock anchor.

Note to self. Update Build thread. 10/11/2018
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