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Intro: Hi everyone. This is the belated build thread for my Xterra. This is my second Xterra. My first X was an 03 base xterra that was gifted to me by my Uncle who had no need for it anymore. I got it when I was 15. After driving that truck to high school and back for 3 years I ended up trading it in for my now current daily the 2014 Pro4x. Ever since I drove the 03 around as a youngster i fell in love with the style and characteristics of our trucks.

I loved to wheel the 03 as much as i could (even though it was 2wd) I learned a lot with that truck and tackled some pretty big projects at a young age.
Now that I have a rear locker and 4wd I feel unstoppable haha. So without further ado i present to you my build.

Early September 2019: I bought the truck for approx. 18k with 60k miles on the clock from a Honda dealership in central Florida. I live in Jacksonville so it was a little drive. I searched for many months trying to find the perfect truck and this one popped up so i jumped on it. I didn't care what color it was as long as it was clean.

Username: N.FL.X
Xterra nickname: N.FL.X

Make: Nissan
Year: 2014
Model: Xterra
Trim: Lifted Pro-4x
Color: White Avalanche

Done = -
WIP = +
Need/want = ++

  • Nisstec extended travel 3" lift with 2.0 radflos and red springs
  • Nisstec AAL's
  • SPC's
  • knotched the coil bucket
  • Extended Bilstein's in the rear
  • Extended stainless steel brake lines (rear still needs to be done)
  • Adjustable shackles set at 1"
  • rear sway bar delete
  • ++ titan swap

Wheels Tires:
  • Nitto 285/75/16s
  • melt mod
  • ++ want 35's but may not do that until i Tswap.
  • ++ want some new 17x8.5/9 KMC wheels
  • ++ depending on offset need some spacers

  • ARB bumper
  • deleted the mud flaps
  • + stickered up
  • ++ 10k lb winch
  • ++ quality leds for the truck (i had some led's installed but i removed because of some wiring issues)

Engine/Under the hood:
  • New radiator courtesy of Nissan
  • New heater hose and pipe on firewall
  • ++ Snorkel upgrade
  • ++ Engine bay deep clean
  • ++ Stronger battery

  • secondary cats deleted
  • Magnaflow muffler installed

++ oil pan
++ trans pan
++ and radiator pan
++ rock sliders

  • Kenwood excelon XR900-5 Amplifier powering my RF speakers
  • 10" Kicker sub and box in the back
  • + patch collection on tap

First pic i took of the truck ever:

Before the lift:

After the lift:

Some dirty pics ;)


The first REAL wheeling test with my cousin and his 2012 wrangler.

Most recent photos:

Here is a little video i made up of photos and videos in chronological order since i got the truck:

I'll be adding small projects on this build page from here on out.

- N.FL.X

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Where exactly in North Florida are you?
I just moved to North Florida Crestfield/Niceville area

2005 OR
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Welcome! You’ve done many good things and sounds like many more planned.

Was it ever in an accident? I notice it’s missing part of the side trim on the passenger side and the passenger headlamp appears to be smoked while driver side is aluminized
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