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Most of you guys are more computer savy than I am, mabey you can help
MANIK has a pre runner bar for the front that has four light tabs, I cant find a picture of it installed. Before you start throwing up links an pictures
of a shrockworks bumper, I dont want the extra weight. I willl be ordering
the sliders.

Any help finding a photo would be great!!
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Ultimatly after you add the weight of the brush guard to the weight of the stock bumper you probably weight about the same as a full Shrock bumper.

Then also remember the how much you kill your approch angle. And then remember that the brush guard doesn't really protect anything and has been shown to cause more harm than good when it comes to protection. Then you look at the fact that a full Shrock bumper isn't much more than that brush guard.

Bottom line. If you plan on wheeling at all, for go the brush guard.

If you just want it for lights and don't plan on wheeling, then it's probably a great solution for you.
That Manik front end costs like $900 too. I had a pic of it once, I'll see if I still have it.

Edit to add:
Here ya go.

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I love the pre-runner style front ends, but leaving the plastic bumper underneath it looks like crap in my opinion.
Thanks for the input guys, I think ill hold out for a while
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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