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Username: maillet282
Year: 2009
Make: Nissan
Trim:Off Road
Color: Night Armor

-Ironbull Winch bumper
-hefty fab works sliders
-Hefty Fab works Skid plates Minus Rad Skid
-Shrock Works M226 diff cover
-InSain Fab rear bumper with Swing arm

-Extendable big tow mirrors
-custom home made drop in roof basket
-locking roof basket handle
-custom 2" receiver insert bolted to front bumper (Soon to be removed)
-Zombie Outbreak response team badge for front ( purchased from mjohns63)
-Plasti diped Roof rack rails

Engine and Performance:
-airbox mod
-K&N Drop in Air filter
-Superchip Cortex

tire & suspension
-Goodyear Wrangler Duratracs 285/75/16
-Ready lift levelling kit (Front spacers)
-OME Dakar leaf pack
-Bilstein 5100 (for 2 to 4 of lift)
-Adjustable shackles

-weather tech digital fit floor liner
-Surefire 6P attached to driver seat
-home made storrage rack
-175lb rear hatch lift struts
-Evenflow Tribute Car seat mod X3

- Cobra 18 WX ST II with SoundTracker® and NOAA Weather
-Piaa 510 Fog Lights
-Electric Break Controler
-Amber warning Strobe Lights added to the side windows and rear lift gate ( pics to come when finished the install)
-Optima Yellow Top Battery
-OTRATTW Switches installed as overhead switch panel ( pics added to HOW -to How-to Overhead Switch Panel )
-converted VDC/ Hill descent/ Locker/ Roof lights to OTRATTW Switches
-14 " LED light bar between OR roof lights

Recovery Gear:
-2 snatch blocks
-3 tow straps of diffrent lenghts( tree straps)
-Battery Booster Pack
-receiver shackle tampon
-Numerous shackles
-20" Kinetic recovery rope ( Bubba rope)
-hi lift extreme

-Fully stocked Trauma bag ( same one I used in Afghanistan)
-High vis safety vests
-work gloves

-mud flaps
-stock plastic front bumper
-stock roof cross members
-8500lb superwinch ( died after only 2 uses)
-GoodYear silent armor 265-75-16
-Underbody box bolted into rear tie down rails
-Midland CB
-ready lift shackles
-Stock Leaf springs
-Stock Rear Shocks
-key lock box bolted in roof basket
-Class 3 receiver hitch
-Stock rear bumper
-Traction plates (Worthless, cat litter worked better.)
-reverse light mounted to drop in basket
-Champion 8000lb Winch with receiver plate (installed wireless winch remote)
-Magellan Road GPS
-IPod inclinometer app
-4" 18w Spot lights on bumper
-Licence plate light added to light up the Zomby Response Badge

To do list:
- bedline rims
- install flush mount reverse lights
- re wire CB antenna Coax cable to swing arm
- touch up Plasti dipped emblems and roof rack bars
- Install some stickers that are piling up
- Strip old bedliner off of front bumper and respray with better stuff

As it sits now


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added some Cheep lights to the Ironbull bumper tabs and wired the switch into the overhead bluetooth plastic piece. ( crappy cell phone pics at night will get better pics soon. one switch is for the front lights, the second is for the back up lights)

and while i was at it, I added a light to shine on the zomby emblem purchased from mjohns63

and also added a mini quickfist to hold my Surefire 6p flashlight

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yup, winched myself out of out of a unexpected sand pit in ND and then was using it to move 45 Galon barrel that was half filled with ice and then it died mid pull, didn't get hot, no sparks, no blue smoke of death just stopped pulling

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that's what you get for buying a cheep Canadian tire winch I guess. my new one ive already used 3 times now and it's still going strong

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I chose the superchip cortex over the Bully dog mostly because of the tow tunes ( I travel around with a camper allot other then that, the ease of picking it up somewhat locally to me I couldn't find a bully dog dealer close to where I lived

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XTP IMS install problems

so while installing my XTP Intake manifold spacer, I managed to loose one of the studs ( the ones that your not supposed to drop into the holes of the manifold) into the back hole.

I managed to spot it with a surefire inside the intake holes and ended up being able to grab it with a set of these

What is it people may ask and the people with emergency room and advanced paramedics will start to laugh they are called Magill forceps. and they are used to remove foreign objects or food from peoples throat when they are choking ( the ones used are rusty and are no longer used on people )
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