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Magnaflow going on today!

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Local shop is installing the 18 inch Magnaflow Wide Open muffler with a 12 inch long stainless, 3 inch diameter tip. They're cutting out the resonator and just slightly shortening the piping. The dealer has told me they will warranty this as long as it's done at this particular shop with the Magnaflow (I imagine cause Magnaflow has a lifetime warranty). Anyway, guys at the shop said we already have 2 1/2 inch piping and it's not worth going 3 inches and doing a cat back.....don't know if that's true but I'm saving about 200.00 dollars this way. Out the door, I'm paying 220.00 where as the full cat-back would have been close to 420-430.
I already have the Nismo cold air intake, and I have a throttle body spacer from on order.
I'm driving from SLC to Portland, OR next week and I'm looking for maximum MPG. I'll let you all know how I do. My best tank so far got me 374 miles. With these new mods, and driving 72 in 6th most of the way, I'm hoping for close to 395-400. Wish me luck! :blackeye:
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Well keep me posted on how it sounds. I put a Dynomax on and had to take it off because it sounded like nothing was on.
Do a how to on the spacer, I want to do that one too.
When on the hwy use the cruise, I tried to beat it with my foot using a scangauge and there is no way. You'll get much better mileage.
My best tank got me 415 miles.
Niggs, I am in Layton. Which shop are you using?
Thanks for the tip, I usually try to beat it with my foot too :geek:
That sucks that you had to pull off your dynomax. When you say it sounded like nothing was on, do you mean it sounds like there was no muffler at all and it was too loud, or it just sounded stock?
I have a buddy that just installed a throttle body spacer on his S10, so I'll have him walk me through this one. I'll for sure post some pics. thanks again for your input.
Jtaoj, I'm in Bountiful using Ray's Muffler on 500 west just past 5th south.
Bigdaddychia, 415!? That's incredible, what mods have you done to get that kind of mileage? :compress:
Niggs, My Dynomax sounded like a muffler with a hole in it. It sounded ok in the car, a little drone but when my wife took off with it, I went right down and paid to have it taken off! Sounded like crap! I never tried anything else after that. I think it was like a $150 lesson.

NIGGS said:
Jtaoj, I'm in Bountiful using Ray's Muffler on 500 west just past 5th south.
I know the place. Would be cool to hear it on. Good luck on your trip.
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