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Username: thecoalition

Year: 2010
Make: Nissan
Model: Xterra
Trim: S
Color: Night Armor
Code name: Mabel

Powertrain/Driveline Mods
[X] Volant 12740 CAI
[X] Airflow Snorkel w/Volant Adapter
[X] AEM 21-209EDK Dry Filter
[X] Magnaflow 12580 w/custom piping from cats back 2.25" in and 2.5" out
[X] Y Pipe Delete
[X] Intake Manifold Spacer
[X] Rear Differential Breather Mod
[X] Amsoil SAE 5W-30 Signature Series
[X] Wix 57356 Oil Filter
[X] Femco Compact Drain Plug
[X] Amsoil Severe Gear 75w90 in front and rear diff

[X] SAW 2.0 Coilovers
[X] 650# Eibach Springs - Powder Coated Black
[X] Radflo Rear Emulsions
[X] PRG Variable Shackles
[X] Alcan Leaf Springs w/3" of lift and 425# over stock
[X] PRG Shims
[X] PRG Ubolt Flip Kit
[X] Moog LCA and Balljoints
[X] Rear Sway Bar Delete
[X] PRG Extended Sway Bar EndLinks

[X] 285/75/16 General Grabber AT2s
[X] 285/75/16 BFG AT KO Spare
[X] StopTech Slotted Rotors
[X] NAPA Adaptive One Brake Pads
[X] AC SS Front and Rear brake lines
[X] Amsoil Series 500 Brake Fluid
[X] Melt Mod

[X] Shrockworks Front w/Prerunner bar
[X] White Knuckle Sliders
[X] Shrock Skids
[X] Shrockworks Rear w/Tire Carrier

Fronts - Infinity Kappa 60.9CS
Rears - Infinity Kappa 62.9i
Amp - Kicker ix500.4
Source - Kenwood Kiv-701 w/Ipod hooked up in glove box
CB - Uniden PC68LTD
Antenna - 4' Firestik II with Fire Ring coax

[X] Odyssey Extreme 35-PC1400T-H
[X] LED Conversion
[X] Blue Sea 12 circuit fuse box
[X] Rigid Dually D2 Bumper Lights
[X] OTRATTW Switches
[X] ARB CKMTA12 Compressor

Storage and Gear:
Maxpedition FR-1
Blue Ridge Overland Gear Visor Organizer
Blue Ridge Overland Gear 18"x22" Molle Panel
Blue Ridge Overland Gear IFAK
Blue Ridge Overland Gear "Oh crap, I'm stuck" Large Recovery Bag
Blue Ridge Overland Gear Small Zipper Pouch
Blue Ridge Overland Gear Small Zipper Pouch w/Clear Front x2
4x SmittyBuilt Recovery Shackles
ARB Snatch Strap
ARB Air up kit
Raingler Ceiling Net
Engo E9000 winch w/synthetic line
Factor55 Hawse Fairlead
Factor55 FlatLink

[X] Weathertec Custom Fit Floor Mats
[X] Wix 24683 Cabin Air Filter
[X] Stubby Antenna
[X] Interior LED Conversion
[X] PIAA Big Bad Max Horn
[X] Stealth Wheels
[X] Stealth Plastics
[X] Stealth Roof Rack
[X] Pocket Beer

TS Part Sourcing has begun - Goal is Sept 2017
M226 and M205 acquired


Went 2015 - Open Diff World Champion

Went2015 Album

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Random Truck Pics Album

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I tore my labrum and separated my ac joint in the gym. Went through surgery on 4-24 and they had to fix the tear, perform a subacromial decompression, and anchor the labrum back into place with a few suture anchors. Because the anchors get drilled into the bone, it takes a few months of physical therapy and sling before you can lift your arm very high.

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Shoulder is finally in a place where I can do a bit more...still no gym time though. To update, had an additional surgery late July to correct a constant grinding sound leftover from April's surgery. At this point I am still having grinding issues, the doc says I have a lot of scar tissue build up that was just cleared out on the last surgery so he does not want a 3rd surgery because it would be pointless. We are doing cortisone shots to try and kick start the break down of said tissue...ONTO THE X!

Finally got new tires last night. I ended up at Merchant Tires of all places, picked up 4 for 233.99 a piece with 50 off a 4 set. Had them mounted and performed the melt mod this morning. Not even sure why Nissan molded the wheel well liner the way they did since all of that shaping is for nothing. Either way, took about 15 minutes tops. Took the X for a test drive and no rubbing anymore.
All of the screw holes on my liner were already cracked and I may just end up removing it at some point. For now, it can stay as is while I wait for my 2"Bl to come in from jersey parts.

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Replaced my Volant 12540 with a Volant 12740 and the AEM dry filter. Also, since I had the airbox out, I went and swapped my wimpy stock horns with PIAA Superior Bass Horns. Really easy mod and once I found a mounting spot, took me about 30 minutes.

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Installed the Shrock Rear the first over the past weekend. Was about 29 degrees out, but I powered through. Thought I did something wrong, but turns out I was given extra parts. Not sure if I like the provided license plate light. I may replace it and order a new stock assembly but use an led instead. Had to snip and splice for the shrock provided one. Will snap a pic the next daytime chance I get.

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Just picked up my truck from Hylas Tire and Auto in Rockville. They did my inspection and muffler install with all new 2 to 1 (2.25in) piping on my 12580. Removed the Y pipe and mounted with new tail pipe (bit of an interesting cut and turn but I kinda of like that it's different than most I see). They did all this with inspection for 168 even. Good guys and very easy to work with.

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Sorry for the delay in response - didn't see this post. I bought it off a black friday sale, however, the place I went to could have ordered it for me, but they couldn't beat the price I paid. All the piping they did was from their stock so I just brought them the muffler and described what I wanted done.

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Picked up my sliders yesterday and Skyfaller let me come over and bother him for the assisted install. Pretty quick once we got the rear brackets into place. The new mod is the Skyfaller in which you use a coat hanger instead of the garbage wire that comes on those brackets to reach it up into the frame.
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