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Lowmax97's Rig

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Username: Lowmax97

Xterra's Nickname: Guadalupe

Make: Nissan
Year: 2005
Model: Xterra
Trim: Off-road
Color: Solar Yellow
Milage: 197,000 (as of 7/5/2018)


Exterior Armor:
ARB Winch bumper (looking at different winches)
Hardcore offroad LLC Rear bumper w/tire carrier
9500 pound rear D-rings (powder coated yellow)

Stock as can be - But all maintenance done!

Supreme 3-inch suspension front lift kit
Supreme Rear carbon 2-4 inch shackles
Belken motorsports 2-4 inch UCA
Belken motorsports low profile bump stops
Cooper Discoverer AT3

Heps designs Front door moles with trama pouches
Lobo shelf
Kenwood double din touch screen nav system w/ kicker speakers
Magellen front and rear dash cam with GPS tracking
Custom wood trunk box with cut out for toolbox
Raingler barrier divider net
USB port with battery voltage readout
Nonslip mats cut to fit and screwed down
Fire extinguisher
Various trail gear and recovery straps

I picked up this Xterra when my old 2001 with 254,000 miles blew its head gasket, I was going to fix it but I really thought about it and realized it needed more than what the truck was worth. So I sold that one for $700 and picked up this one for $2900. I was originally marked for $3900! But my dad is a really good price negotiator! It was a Philly truck so it was used and abused, but the underside was perfect and it just had a rebuilt transmission due to the SMOD (repair receipt was over $2500) and is still under warranty as of now! Fast forward, I caught up on all the repairs, maintenance. And is a perfect solid truck. Ill include pics when I first bought, to what it looks like now. I still have a ton of stuff I want to complete on it but I'm in the middle of purchasing my first house and need to slow down on spending. (once the modding bug bites you its tough to stop!)

I'll try to upload more as I can, I'm really limited on what I can upload because of being so new to the forum


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is a picture in our future?
yes actually lol, i cant upload all that much photos due to me having a limited amount of post, (even though i been lurking forever!)
Nice! I've always liked MOLLE panels in the doors but I don't know if I'd use all of the real estate to justify the cost.
Nice! I've always liked MOLLE panels in the doors but I don't know if I'd use all of the real estate to justify the cost.
I was thinking the same, but it really doesnt take up all that much space, and I really do love the way it looks inside the truck!
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