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Looking To Buy My first X

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I'm looking to buy an Xterra in about six months. I joined the site to learn from current owners. I currently own a 2004 Jeep Liberty which I like and will be giving to my daughter - I thought it more refined that the 1st gen. X. I really like the utility and availability of 4X4 for those times when I needed it. In looking around at different SUV's the 2nd generation X jumps out over the Toyota FJ cruiser and Jeep products. I really like the on road handling of the X over the Jeeps and the cargo capacity of the X over the FJ Cruiser. --- I would like to hear from others on how they came to buy an X and if they are still happy with their choice.
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If you are or arent looking for an SUV to go wheeling with, i would say that the X is a fantastic choice. you seem to have a nack for on road so here are some of my opinions.

the X has a 265 hp engine that recommends regular unleaded gasoline, (the fj has 239hp and recommends premium gas), (dont know about the jeep)

The X has four full doors, so does the jeep, the FJ has two full doors and two half doors (which is pretty weird if you ask me, and creates large blind spots)

The X looks like a beast, the jeep looks like a barbie safari vehicle, and the FJ looks like a space ship (but it kind of grows on you after a while)

I have an X... so i am partial to it. My sister has a grand cherokee that is a total piece of junk (the only jeep i would ever buy would be a rubicon), I actually considered buying an FJ (before i knew everything about it) but i am glad i made the choice i did.
I went with the X as it had pretty much everything I want in a vehicle. This is my second and I had planned to do a Tacoma but after I drove this new X with much more power I was hooked. Draw up a list of the features you want in your vehicle and get whichever one has the most. Don't base your desision on how many people here (all) who like thier X...
This is my second X also............I'm love it.........Wouldn't want anything else!!!!!!!!!
:pirate: Ahoy, Matey! Welcome! Yer on a site dedicated to Nissan's, "Next Generation Xterra." Step aboard, take in what you can, but promise to share what you learn! :newb:

RogueClimber said:
I went with the X as it had pretty much everything I want in a vehicle. This is my second and I had planned to do a Tacoma but after I drove this new X with much more power I was hooked. Draw up a list of the features you want in your vehicle and get whichever one has the most. Don't base your desision on how many people here (all) who like thier X...
All though I always wanted one of these - I based my purchase on the most BANG for the BUCK$. And to this day I can't understand why everyone who actually did comparision shopping, are not buying the Nissan Xterra, as it is the most you can get for the buck$ and it looks damn good to.

I was thinking of the FJ, but it wasn't available at the time and when it did come out a couple months later, it was just plain ugly and I didn't like the major blind spots torwards the rear, (no windows). The front looks ok, but the rear section; WTF?
I went with the X cause of the 4 doors (fj has those little swing doors), and I am not a fan of anything jeep besides the wrangler, which is what I was getting rid of. I also like the fact the X has 265hp.
I was in the market for something that had a large cargo area, available 4X4, 4 doors, and rugged enough to go offroading while still retaining good manners on the pavement. Manual transmission was preferred. The trucks I shopped for were the Xterra, Jeep Liberty and Cherokee, Land Rover LR3, and the Toyota 4-Runner and FJ. Liberty way too small; Cherokee way too expensive and no MT; LR3 too $$$ and no MT; FJ piss poor visibility fore, aft, and laterally (don't know how you could wheel w/o having a full time spotter), crazy doors, giant blind spots, back seat doesn't fold flat, Toyota not selling these w/ much discount yet; the 4-Runner was really the only other vehicle in the running w/ the X. Unfortuanately, no MT available, the V-6 has less power than the X, yet the V-8 didn't have much more, interior not very durable, no on demand 4X4 available w/ V-8 (full time AWD), no locker available, priced much higher than equivalent X. When it got right down to it, the X had everything I needed and nothing I didn't (to paraphrase the ad campaign) at a good price. The interior is basically bullet proof, yet comfortable. Visibility all around is good. Unarguably, this engine is a beast, and w/ MT and VDC off, the thing will really haul ass (if this appeals to the Boy Racer in you). I've been very satisfied w/ my decision, but again, it is the right truck for me because it satisfied most of my wants/needs. You may be different, but the X certainly deserves to be included when shopping for an SUV.
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I just purchased my X two days ago. I looked at the FJ, but it seems to have a lot of blind spots and just didn't feel as solid as the X. (Just my opinion.) I do a lot of camping, boating, biking, and anything else I can do outdoors, so this X was not to hard for my decide on once I saw it in person and experienced a test drive. The only debate in regards to the X is what color you should get. Goodluck in your search and welcome to the site.
Welcome! I went with the X after a lot of research. I had to sell my Toyota Tundra for a "family friendly vehicle". I still wanted 4 wheel drive so it came down to the FJ, 4 Runner, and the Xterra. FJ, didn't have 4 full size doors, poor visibility (looking in from the back is like looking into a cave) and priced way over MSRP. 4 Runner was pricey and too plush. It came down to the X. I like the outdoors (camping, fishing, dirt biking, skiing, etc.) so the rugged and versatile interior and available Off Road model made it the only logical choice.
Ahoy! Welcome aboard! :pirate:

This is my second Xterra. I lost my first one to a rollover last winter. Let me tell you - when I saw that truck after the accident, I was impressed at how well it stood up to the roll. I knew without a doubt I had to have another one. Don't get me wrong - that's the not the main reason why I bought another one. I always loved the shape, size and look of the truck, the off-road handling, the cool accessories, the other Xterra owners who were always willing to help out with installing mods or lending advice, and more. But the way that truck came out of that rollover, I knew hands-down there was no other choice for my next vehicle.
This is my second X as well. I orginally hated the thing and never wanted to get one. I bought the first one for my wife and the more I drove the thing I started to like it a lot. I actually took that thing wheeling and a lot of people thought that I was crazy for doing it. The reason is that it was a 2wd 4 cylinder X!! I proved to them that I could keep up with them on most of the trails that we did and they were amazed.

I now have my '05 which I traded in when I got back from Iraq. I had to get 4wd so the wife gave up the X so I could get what I wanted and now it's mine. She's had her other vehicle which I also bought in '03 which is a chevy Caviler. It runs great and she loves it. I'm glad that I got my X. I was looking at the wrangler before but I couldn't give up the cargo room that the X has compared to the wranglers. I don't know how the unlimiteds compare to the X.
Teneo said:
I would like to hear from others on how they came to buy an X and if they are still happy with their choice.
I bought mine on September 2nd and I'm still happy with it. Even more so because in the last few days I was able for the first time to see what it would do in the snow.

To replace my Pathfinder, I wanted:

  • - 4WD, so that I could go off-road (to get to places, rather than off-roading as a sport)
    - manual transmission
    - a 'proper' SUV, not a car-based unibody construction
    - to be able to sleep in the back, which meant that the cargo area had to fold flat

I started with a copy of a 2006 Consumer Reports buying guide, and made a list of everything they categorized as "SUV", and that was available with a manual transmission. This list of over 20 vehicles did include some vehicles that I figured I probably wouldn't consider (e.g. too small, too expensive, etc.).

By going to a local Auto Mall, and driving to a few other local dealerships, I was able to take a look at the over 20 vehicles on my list in 2 days.

It was very easy to eliminate some of the vehicles from consideration, simply by having the salesperson show me how the rear seat folded down. If it didn't fold completely flat with the cargo area, I stopped looking at that vehicle. That's how the Hummer and FJ (and others) quickly dropped off my list.

After that 2-day triage, I wasn't left with a lot of choices, and the only remaining choice that 'stood out' was the Xterra, so my choice was made.
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Check out the January 2007 Consumer Reports -- XTerra Rules!!!
This is my 3rd Xterra. Enough said.

No... really, it's a great vehicle, especially the 05-07s. There's very few complaints and those that do pop up are minimal and can be solved.
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