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Wasatch Outlaw Wheelers from Ogden, UT will be doing a run at Little Moab to "warm up" before the Easter Jeep Safari. I am not part of their club, but I have a few friends that are. I am the only Xterra... actually the only Nissan that runs with them and would like to see more.

Little Moab is near Lehi (i think)... it is approx. 1 hour from Ogden, 30 min from Salt Lake City, and we will be doing the adventure on March 18, which is a Sunday. We are meeting at the Layton Wal-Mart, because everyone knows where wally-world is at... around 8:45-9am

Hopefully my lift will be on in time to run, if not then I am running stock :cheers:
it isnt that bad, stock cherokees run Little Moab with no problem... and i wheel with some of the modded jeeps/fords/toyotas
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