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List of Trouble Codes

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Does anyone have a definitive list of trouble codes for the Xterra? I have found a short list and a long list on the internet. The short list says it is specific for Nissan, but is not very long (OBD-I?). The long list is just a general list and I am not sure if its accurate for our vehicles. Or since the advent of OBD-II, are all codes the same for all vehicles? I am just curious because I have a vehicle specific list for my Dodge Intrepid but have never seen one for the X.

Any suggestions would be appreciated!

The short list is here
The long list is here
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Funny you should ask this. Just last night I was looking and not able to find anything.

Over the weekend we had a Land Rover Freelander die on the trail and throw 5 different codes (thanks yo my scangauge). It got me thinking that I should carry a list for the X. But as you found out, there doesn't seem to be one.
muzikman said:
It got me thinking that I should carry a list for the X.
Exactly what I was thinking. Pulling codes down with a ScanGuage won't do me a lot of good if I am on the road.
OBD-II is generic for almost all cars. those codes will work fine.

I have a Vag-com from my VW days, which in addition to OBD-II also has specific VW protocols and codes.

but those codes are the same on any OBD-II car. Not Nissan specific.
You have Vag-Com? Are you looking to get rid of it? I have a 03 VR6
naw, im keeping it. I still do a service and make money doing it. That thing cost me $350 + shipping.
Good find Navy! This looks like it would be a good add as a sticky.
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