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Some TheNewX members have reported difficulty finding the Calsonic radiator part numbers associated with SMOD, also the part number for the radiator that superseded the problem units.

Here is all the information I could find - located in one post.

According to CourtesyParts | Genuine OEM Nissan Parts & Accessories and other Nissan parts dealers, the following is the progression of OEM Calsonic radiators for the Xterra, with the years for each particular part number culled from TheNewX posts in brackets:

21410-EA200 [seldom referenced, but may have been installed in some very early 2005’s.]

21410-EA205 [2005 – either 2/09 or 8/09. Listed on some parts websites as P/N 21460-EA205. There is some confusion as to when these were used. Some literature states until 2/09 and other literature states 8/09. P/N IS ASSOCIATED WITH SMOD. ]

21460-EA215 [2005 - either 2/09 until 8/09, see above. Listed as discontinued and replaced by 21460-9CAOE on Nissan parts websites. P/N IS ASSOCIATED WITH SMOD]

21460-EA265 [production dates unknown other @Surf and Snow's Xterra built in 04/05 and my own Xterra built in 09/05. P/N IS ASSOCIATED WITH SMOD.]

21460-ZL11A [8/09 through 2010 model year, isolated reports of SMOD, however I have not been able to verify.]

21460-ZL31A [production dates unknown. Listed as discontinued on Nissan parts websites , no known reports of SMOD.]

21460-9CAOE [2011 – 2015 model years – no known reports of SMOD] This is the part number for the most current version as of 11/16.

I think one can be confident that the risk of SMOD is nonexistent with the 21460-9CAOE radiator, and probably also with the 20410-ZL31A radiator. It appears that there is some risk with the 20410-Z11A version, and the 21410-EA200, 21410/21460-EA205, 21460-EA215, and 21460-EA265 versions are ticking time bombs.

If anyone has verifiable information that any of the parts numbers or production years are inaccurate, please send me a private message (rather than comment on this thread), provide a link to the source, and I will edit this post. I would like to limit posts to this thread so that the information remains easy to find - unlike the bazillion post "How-To Bypass" thread. [See]
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