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After spending too much dough on new furniture for our house, we didn't exchange much in the way of presents (my wife and I that is) on Christmas day. However, I had to indulge a little and hook up the X with some amenities. I'm just going to call these my late Christmas/early birthday presents.

-Daystar Lift
-Total Chaos UCA's
-OEM front alignment bolts from Nissan
-Timbren bumpstops
-longer Bilstein shocks for rear (part #F4-BE5-2401-H0)
-bushings/sleeves from Greg at PRG to make above shocks fit properly
-ScanGuage II

Next on the list:
-265/75/16 BFG Mud Terrains (will be mounting black walls out).
-Shrockworks sliders (grey)
-Shrockworks front/rear bumpers (grey)
-possibly a few of the more critical Shrockworks skid plates even though the OR has a full set.

This message board has been invaluable and I feel comfortable with my purchases after reading the various posts regarding these parts. Hopefully, they will yield improved offroad performance while maintaining comfortable daily driving.

2006 Red Brawn OR
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