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Intro Photo:

Intro Comments: History; Bought used from a stealership in 2012
carfax says it used to be a rental. Checked for SMOD, none.
This truck has been super reliable getting me everywhere I've ever needed to go (so far). :D

Username: Kratos

Xterra Nickname: The Nightprowler

Make: Nissan
Year: 2009
Model: Xterra
Trim: S 4x4
Color: Night Armor
Diff: c200 3.13 Gears Open


Mudflaps [Removed]
Step Rails [Removed]
Projector Headlights DIY with LEDs
LED Fogs
Diff Breather
Rear Hatch exit (Surfs Mod) and Insulated
Anytime windows
ABS off mod

People keep asking about my headlights so here are the parts used and how to
How to
Projector retrofit kit
Wiring harness *this item is currently unavalible* just get something similar

Future Mods:
Full LED Swap
On Board Air (OBA)
M226 and M205 Swap
Hot Tub


Most recent


‘06 Super Black S 5AT & ‘10 Knight Armor OR 5AT
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My good chap, what paint are you using to black your interior? (How’s it holding up?)

And what is that diy soundproofing I see in the pic up there? Yoga mat? (Is it working?)
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