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Hey guys, first post here. I don't own an x-terra but i do own a Frontier. My question is after searching the site and seeing how much more information I was able to gather from x-terra guys I have a question that i'd like to ask. Many of you are familiar with the SLR frontier and the x that they built. The rims on those vehicles are the KMC enduro's. I checked the sizes and they made a 16x8, 6x4.5 bolt pattern. So before I fork out the money, will these rims fit WITHOUT the use of wheel spacers/adapters? Thanks. I searched but could'nt get a definite answer.

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Check out this thread:*enduro*

If you look at the pics on the 3rd or 4th post, the pics of the suspension, on the top one that shows the coilover, you can see spacers installed on the wheels. I'm not sure if they're required, but FWIW, it seems they're being used on that truck.
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