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Intro Comments: So I never did a build page because I never thought I'd do this much to it. I also didn't document a lot of it because each mod "session" was a marathon of activity since I don't have a garage and wasn't able to recon a lot, except for what I got from this forum. But here she is, nearly at the end of it. I've gone through several iterations of lots of these mods. The last big piece is the ARB front locker, which I'm getting ready to install. I'm still deciding whether to do the Titan swap since this is my DD.

My intention when I got the X was for camping and exploring. I was looking for a used Off Road but when I went to look at this one on a whim, I knew it was going to be mine. I've tried to keep the X a relative sleeper with a focus on functionality. From the outside, I think it still looks relatively quiet and stealthy, all things considered.

Thanks to this forum and its contributing members. Without which, I doubt I would have done this much. I'm sure I've left out some things in the list but I'll add them as I remember them.

I love the snot out of this rig.

username: kingtruc
Xterra's Nickname: Eleanor

Make: Nissan
Year: 2011
Model: Xterra
Trim: Pro-4x
Color: Knight Armor

- Leather seats (what sold me on this particular one)
- Tow hitch
- Pro-4x stuff


- Radflo extended 600 lb coilovers with 1" spacer and bolt to avoid the clunk
- Alcan rear leaf springs @ 2.5" & 1,000 lbs over stock
- PRG adjustable shackle set to bottom hole (1")
- Radflo 3-5" lift rear shocks
- PRG U-bolt flip kit
- Cam bolts
- 3 degree shims
- 1.5" wheel spacers/adapters
- 285/75-16 Goodyear DuraTrac Load E
- Stainless steel brake lines - 2 front, 4 rear including hard line to caliper
- 2" rear bumpstops from 2"x4" steel

- Shrockworks sliders
- Hefty Fab aluminum front bumper
- Hefty Fab full skids - radiator, engine, transmission, t-case, gas tank
- BTF diff cover
- Shock skids

- Volant CAI w/custom clear polycarbonate lid
- AEM DryFlow air filter
- Bully Dog
- ARB front locker waiting to be installed
- Locker anytime mod
- Diff breather mod

- 1100W inverter in cargo area passenger cubby with outlet in shift console and rear bumper
- OTRATTW SPDT switches & dimmers
- Blue Sea power distribution fuse block
- Rugged Rocks 180A alternator
- Power windows anytime mod
- Fog lights anytime mod
- Off road lights anytime mod
- Smittybilt 2781 compressor OBA with outlet on front bumper; 120 psi pressure switch, air/water separator, check valve
- Pioneer AVH-4000NEX with momentary switch parking brake bypass
- 12V outlet dual USB outlets
- Cameras: on front bumper, rear bumper, and passenger side mirror
- Custom USB in dash tray with acrylic plate
- Triple function thing (12v, 2x USB, volt meter) in rear of center console
- 200A continuous duty solenoid for inverter
- Odyssey 34R-PC1500 battery

- Morimoto Stage III H1 HID projector retrofit with 35W 5000K HID bulbs & Morimoto ballasts
- Kensun 3000K HID fogs
- LED bulbs in OE off road lights
- GoBee removable, remote controlled spotlight - mount on top of roof cargo bin
- (4) Rigid Industries Dually diffused - side facing - 2 on each side
- (2) Rigid Industries Dually diffused - mounted on Xoskel rear light bar
- (1) Rigid Industries E 10" diffused front facing on Yakima basket
- (1) Rigid Industries SR 20" spot/flood combo
- (2) 18W 25* flood lights - mounted in roof cargo bin sides
- 5000K LED dome lights (except for the driver side red map light)
- macguyvermedic Ambient light mod
- Single SMD LED's in both glove boxes
- LED in center console with momentary switch
- Eagle eye LED's in rear bumper
- LED rock lights
- LED puddle/courtesey lights
- Luyed LED reverse bulbs
- OEM dome light in rear hatch door with 48 SMD LED panel

- Smittybilt X2O 10K lb winch with synthetic with relocated winch controller plug on front bumper
- Factor 55 Flatlink E
- Factor 55 1.0 Hawse fairlead
- Cascadia Flipster v2 license plate holder
- RockyMtnX rear recovery points
- Hi-Lift jack, base plate, wheel adapter
- (3) Bubba Rope soft shackles
- (1) Smittybilt 3/4" shackle
- (3) Vault snatch blocks
- (2) Hi-Lift 15' tree straps
- (1) 6' tree strap
- (1) 30' recovery strap
- (1) 20' tow strap
- MaxTrax ramps
- Shovels: folding one kept in X, full-size mounted to roof basket on trips

- Plasti-dipped emblems
- Yakima LoadWarrior basket with cargo net, Hi-Lift mount and QuickFists for shovel mount; CB antenna mount also on here
- Xoskel rear light bar
- WeatherTech wind deflectors
- Gobi ladder
- McMaster-Carr struts for rear hatch (175 & 200 lb)
- Southco locking handle - for roof bin
- Custom magnetic bug window screens for rear windows
- Flat black vinyl hood blackout
- Melt mod
- Trimmed front fenders
- Custom pinstriping

- Raingler ceiling net
- Raingler custom shelf net for cargo area
- Raingler custom hold down net for cargo area
- Raingler custom hold down net for rear seat
- Raingler custom hold down for roof basket smaller items
- Rex rug mod
- WeatherTech front floor mats
- Custom vinyl front window covers
- Mylar window shades
- Bartact paracord grab handles for head rest
- OEM 5-switch center panel
- OTRATTW 6-switch console - mounted in overhead sunglass holder
- PIR motion sensor in headliner tied to factory alarm
- @29erClan radio mounts

- (3) Sears small tool boxes under rear seats
- (2) Sears large tool boxes under cargo area
- Enough tools to take just about everything apart
- Dremel
- Multimeter
- 1/2" 24" breaker bar
- 3/8" & 1/2" torque wrench
- Mini pry bar
- 2.5 lb mini sledge

- Midland 75-822 CB
- 3 ft Fire Stik mounted to quick release and heavy duty spring
- Beofeng UV-5R V2+

- Staun deflators
- Teraflex deflators
- ARB inflator
- ARB manifold
- Femco oil drain valve
- 2 lb fire extinguisher
- 12V fan - 8 D batteries option
- (4) REI 6' tarp poles
- (2) REI 8' tarp poles
- Kelty Noah 9'x9' tarp
- (2) 8 gal ActionPackers
- Fiskars X25 axe mounted to rear hatch
- Silky BigBoy 2000 XL folding saw
- Sawyer mini water filter
- REI Flash 18 backpack
- Upgraded med kit (with lots of burn cream - I just like fire)
- Wool blanket
- Cigarette lighter flashlight
- Antigravity XP-1 jumper
- 4ga 25' jumper cables
- Tire patch & plugs
- Nitecore P16 flashlight
- (2) Black Diamond Spot headlamps
- (1) Coast FL74 headlamps (goes through batteries fast but it's bright with adjustable beam pattern)
- Nitecore i4 battery charger

- Power windows anytime
- Bottom tray light
- Motion sensor
- Cargo light switch from rear seat dome light
- Locking center console storage

- macguyvermedic ambient light mod
- Rex rug mod
- Rear exit mod
- 110v outlet in shift console
- Fog lights anytime
- Off road lights anytime
- Locker anytime
- Hood strut mod
- Melt mod
- Rear diff breather mod

- Rear sway bar (rock did it for me)
- Mud flaps
- Decals from roof rack

- 2-leaf AAL
- Hellwig EZ550
- 2" front coil spacer
- Pioneer AVH-P8400BH receiver stereo
- Wyeth-Scott 3T More Power Puller
- 3-ft 5050 LED on roof side rails
- 2.5-ft 3528 LED per side for puddle/courtesy lights
- Smittybilt Element ramps
- SuperFlow MV-50 air compressor
- Volant/K&N oiled filter
- Hella 500 Black Magic driving lights
- 5000K HID in off road lights
- VLED reverse bulbs
- 400W inverter
- DuraTrac 265/75-16
- 'Little Wil' magnet mount CB antenna


Day after I bought her

A month after buying her and one of the first times off road with her (backed over a branch/log I didn't see)

On a recent trip to the Rubicon in the snow

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Center stack top tray

Top tray with Velcro-ed acrylic sheet and USB ports

Top tray in use holding an iPad mini attached with Ram mounts and suction cup. It's very secure and hasn't come loose even on very rough terrain.

Center console locking storage

Without top plate cover

The locking mechanism

Installed cross section

Interior PIR motion sensor tied to factory alarm impact sensor

Inside the headliner

Cabin view. Motion sensor dome is to the left of the dome light. The button on the dome light turns on/off the light in the cargo area.

6-switch panel in sunglass panel. All switches are SPDT and the dimmer knobs control the side lights.

Triple function thing in rear of center console: volt meter, 12V outlet, dual 2.1A USB ports

OEM dome light in custom location, rear hatch exit mod, steel shingle srewed to back hatch to hold magneticLED flares, and Quick Fists holding axe.

Rear bumper showing 110V power outlet, RockyMtnX recovery points, and eagle eye LEDs (optional switched to come on with reverse lights).

Side lighting

Side rails

Fabbing mounts out of 1/8" aluminum plate. Used 2-1/4" exhaust clamps to mount.

Wet box recess

From the inside

Passenger mirror cam

OBA setup

Pressure gauge (round thing in bottom right of pic) is where the disconnect is on the bumper.

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Changed out the 1y 7m Odyssey for a new one today to eliminate another variable in attempting to solve the Rugged Rocks alternator issue. Wasn't exactly kind to this battery - resting voltage was around 12.5v and never put it on a charger.

Also did some maintenance on the air compressor. Disassembled, cleaned, and lubed it. A little dirtier than I was expecting (and probably not the compressor's fault).


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danm dude props on the electrical work, that is my least favorite thing to do as far as vehicle mods/ work. now once its all done its really nice to have it done right.

I really like the OBA set up too.

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danm dude props on the electrical work, that is my least favorite thing to do as far as vehicle mods/ work. now once its all done its really nice to have it done right.

I really like the OBA set up too.
Thanks. This vehicle was the first time doing that much electrical work (or any other work for that matter). Doubt I would've done it without this forum.

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Ran the HDMI cable for the Bully Dog up the A-pillar. My cutting got a little sloppier than I'd like but I can live with it. Gorilla glued the 90 degree coupler to the A-pillar. Now to make a holder for the Bully Dog out of thin gauge aluminum sheet and Velcro mount it to the A pillar instead of using the suction cup mount. If I had to do it again, I'd move it up a little higher and more toward the windshield to clear the vent in the A-pillar better.

90 degree HDMI coupler
6" HDMI cable

Behind the A-pillar cover

HDMI port

In use. Suction cup mount will be replaced by bent sheet metal mount as soon as I make it.
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