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Kenwood DDX6019

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Wondering if anyone has installed this system or a DVD system like it?
Also, do you guys have a how to on it? Thanks. I wanted to have a DVD in the front and also have the function of a rearview camera.
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I have the ddx 8017, which is similar (better in some respects)

the 6019 is awesome as far as compatibility, the rearview camera is nice but overpriced, the ipod interface is awesome, it's easy to bypass the parking brake for video, my fave thing about the 6019 is the bluetooth capability though.

Thanks. Now does it fit easily without any modifications? Also, they say they do Dolby 5.1. Using the stock speakers, does it get a good sound?
Also, what is the thing about bypassing the parking brake?
I just installed a Panasonic CQ-VD6503U. Dropped right in.

To bypass the parking break deal, you just need to ground the appropriate wire right to the frame.
i didn't try for the 5.1 because I have no center channel speaker, install took me half an hour, but I'm good with stereos... it was by no means a difficult install.
I have this system. I don't have the rear-view camera yet. That is going to be added way, way down the road. Bluetooth is the next thing i want to add. Here are a few installed pics.

Playing a cd:

Watching a dvd:

From the passenger side:
(note, you can see my gps antenna on the dash. It attaches to the piece of plastic between the windshield vents)
gotta love all the ice we received over the last 2 days!

The navigation screen:

The navigation unit mounted in upper glove box:

This is where I grounded the HU and the nav unit. It is on the drivers side under the dash. You will need to scratch off the paint to get a good ground and it needs a 8mm nut.

About the Dolby 5.1, I have the factory speakers w/o an amp. I also didn't have the RF package. I think the sound is great, but I am looking to upgrade the speakers and set up an amp to make it even better.
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