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heater core started to leak in late may and started to take it apart first week of june. i got stuck at removing the dash support and big black box thing. i took a vacation for a month and once back i ordered the parts.

since i had to evacuate the a/c to get the black box out i also replaced the a/c evaporator, expansion valve, and dryer.

a tip; i dropped the steering colum but not far down enough and the dash support was getting stuck on the key cylinder area. so drop the colum down as far as you can.

after putting the a/c evap, expansion valve and heater core and completely installed in the car, i put the blend door things(near driver knees; if that is what it is called) on wrong. then as i put the dash on and bolted down i found i forgot to put the air vent ducks! so out came the dash again.

i got Harbor freight A/c gauges and 2.5 vacuum pump and it worked great. make sure you clean the fittings a bit before tightening to the fittings.

it held vacuum for about almost 2 hours and vacuum for about 3 hours. i got some pag100 oil and 2 short cans of refrigerant. forgot to get the cap dispenser, so had to go back and get that.

once charged a/c was nice and cold and no leaks.


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i got it as a complete car. it was just really dirty! so i removed everything except the dash support to clean. then a few months later the heater core started leaking, so most of it had to come out again.

harbor freight pump and gauge set worked really well.

since i bought it; i installed
4600 all around
prg 1/4 level spacer
prg shackles
hellwig 550
brakes front and rear with parking brake shoes(completely down to metal)
all 3 4wd sensors
ebay fogs
level8 wheels with at2
rouge keys (ebay)
flushed all fluids twice

then the a/c stuff above with the heater core. i broke the heater core bleed valve thing and forgot to order a new one. so i just pushed the hose onto the heater core tube. seems to be holding ok for now.


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so true. plus i didnt think about it but as i was washing the roof water went through the screw holes and socked my head liner. i didnt notice it at first but when i was cleaning the dash water kept dripping dripping on my head! so out came the heat gun trying to dry it out.

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havent updated in very long time.
by luck i came a cross a thread about tire carrier made by max gear. i planned to order the tire carrier, roof rack, and sliders. since i dont go to any crazy trails, i bought the sliders and roof rack for now. main reason for the roof rack was to mount a propane tank and fire wood.

Max gear contact was kind of hard to find. i had to do a bit of searching and found his email on a reddit thread.
all items were delivered in great condition. the packing was super awesome.

on with the pics.
20230125_145238 by meme meme, on Flickr

20230125_145302 by meme meme, on Flickr

20230125_145903 by meme meme, on Flickr

20230125_150135 by meme meme, on Flickr

20230125_150125 by meme meme, on Flickr

20230125_150634 by meme meme, on Flickr

20230125_151013 by meme meme, on Flickr

20230125_151022 by meme meme, on Flickr

20230125_151040 by meme meme, on Flickr

also bought all dogs offroad medium springs and top hats. will install them with bilstein 4600. prg shackles

2023-01-25_10-05-13 by meme meme, on Flickr

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started to make a drawer box and sleep platform. switched to aluminum extrusion thinking it was a lot lighter. its still pretty heavy even without the drawers in. not going to use any sliders, keeping it basic.
im still changing the layout so i didnt tighten down the bolts, as i was putting the frame in the trunk, it all came apart.

20230131_170102 by meme meme, on Flickr

20230131_170308 by meme meme, on Flickr

20230131_170320 by meme meme, on Flickr

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i tried to fit up the max gear sliders last night. it bolted in just not tight and still have to drill one hole per side to completely tighten everything.

20230203_220305 by meme meme, on Flickr
20230203_220256 by meme meme, on Flickr

driver side had this damper thing in the way.
20230203_215637 by meme meme, on Flickr
20230203_215707 by meme meme, on Flickr

my rifle cases were all to long to mount in the max gear roof rack. ordered these 38in long cases from amazon. i think was $140ea. fits perfect. the latch side needs to be pushed in from the edge a bit to be able to open the latches. had some pistol cases laying around and put them on the rack to see how it would look. im just jumping on the bandwagon at this point. i dont carry enough gear to justify all that storage. it will only be the rifle case and leave room for fire wood and propane tank. now i have to figure a way to strap down the case without drilling holes. saw a youtuber drill small holes at the latches and use tie down straps to hold the case to the roof rack rails. since this rack doesnt have slots going the other way ill have to see what i can do. the rack is powder coated so i dont want to drill/cut.

20230203_222447 by meme meme, on Flickr
20230203_222529 by meme meme, on Flickr
20230203_222614 by meme meme, on Flickr
20230203_222745 by meme meme, on Flickr

black case or tan case?

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Discussion Starter · #15 · (Edited) fake arb compressor. will be putting a quick connect at the front bumper
3d printed a switch housing. it will be mounted to the smaller fuse box side.

had to replace both cats and heat shield bolts all broke.

amazon 6 button switch

after some searching found out the trunk is slanted down. ill have to space it up quit a bit.

maxgear roof rack. trying to see how to set it up. wondering if i can use rivnuts to mount the propane tank holder and rifle case. will put fire wood in front of the tank holder. ive never used s roof rack before so scared things will fly off.
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