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Just curious, how is your X licensed???

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When I bought the X the dealer took care of getting it registered and getting its license plate. When the plate arrived in the mail, it was a plate for a car. I thought it would be licensed as a light truck. In Kentucky, trucks, including pickups, can be licensed with either commercial plates or farm plates. I have seen SUVs with commercial and farm plates.

Do you have car, light truck, farm, or anyother kind of plate on your X?
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Car here in Looziana
the cost of registration is based, in most states, on gross vehicle weight or it's ability to damage the roadway. cars have the least weight and aren't the types of vehicles that make the two track depressions in the slow lane or the huge pot holes near bumpy crossings.

I wouldn't lobby to get classified as a truck since it might have a weight fee associated with it.
mine is registered as a car from the dealer
I had an Chevy S10 Blazer a few years back. I noticed the vehicle class one time when I was renewing plates for it. I asked the BMV clerk and she said it was actually classified as a car-stationwagon. That may be an old, outdated class name here in Ohio, but she said it was strictly based on capacity to carry people and the fact that it did not have an open cargo area like a pickup truck does.

By the way, feel free to make any blazer - stationwagon jokes you want. I hated that thing. Couldn't wait to get rid of it.
In California, you have to pay,,,,,,,,,geees, it's like three times as much for the commercial plates.
Pick-ups routinely get commercial plates but, in recent years, I have seen
household car plates on a few pick-ups.

My X has car plates, due in March for $ 171.00 per year.
What a bargain, huh ?

Jim B
I asked the same thing when I bought my X. I traded in a mustang and they allowed me to keep my plates. I aksed, thinking the X would require truck plates and they said the same thing "There is no specific classification for SUV's, so it is classed as a car/stationwagon/mini van"

Work for me
Same thing here in missouri. It can go either way, but it's much cheaper as a car.
Car plates here: they woudn't let me keep the old truck plates and put them on. Of course now trucks less than a certain GVW also get car plates. Very confusing to an old timer

prod39 said:
My X has car plates, due in March for $ 171.00 per year.
What a bargain, huh ?

Jim B
Yeah it is actually. That's $5 less than what I paid the first year for my pop up trailer. The X plates cost around $500! :rant:
They base these ridiculious charges on taxable value and weight:the most expensive way to figure it. This worked years ago, but somehow it's gotten way skewed.
i am scared to see my cost for plates next year. The newer the vehicle the more they cost.
Oklahoma only has a distinction between private vehicles and commercial. So you can have a regular car tag on a 2-ton dually and a commercial plate on a Geo Metro. It all depends on what it will be used for.
$171 a year! Holy crap that is cheap. I paid almost $750 for 2 years here in AZ.
Car in Ohio they go by the GVWR. I think it was like $30 with the Marine insignia (EGA) I live in a township so no city taxes. 1/2 the cost of PU plates. MC
In Arkansas we all have the same plates. You can get farm plates.. but I'm not sure how you do it and it costs a whole lot more than the regular plates. So yeah.. we don't have that issue.
I used to have a sonoma and had them put on car plates so I was able to drive on the parkways. In NY you are not allowed on parkways with commercial plates. and those plates just transferred over to my X. Also in NYC if you have commercial plates you can get a ticket if the company infomation is not visible on the side of the truck- unauthorized vehicle. go figure.
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