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Issues to Look Out for when Buying Xterra that had Transmission Replaced after SMOD

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New here. Looking at a used 2009 X that had its transmission & radiator replaced by a previous owner after SMOD. Seller says they have the records to prove the replacement was done by a Nissan dealership. Assuming that's true, my question is if there's any other issues associated with having the transmission replaced I should look out for, or if the SMOD could affect any other systems that might not be accounted for by the work done. Haven't been able to find an answer in scouring the forums, so I appreciate any advice.

Also, my understanding is the timing chain/guide issues affected this year less than 05-07 -- is that correct? Are there other issues with 09's I should look out for?
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if the trans and radiator were actually replaced - with the new model radiator or almost any aftermarket radiator, your good to go on that front. List of Calsonic Radiator Part Numbers Associated with SMOD

There is a thread around here somewhere a member started with common problems but I can't find it. By 2009 the weak 2 spider gear diff and IPDM was long since fixed, so your left with maybe a timing chain and then all the normal crap every xterra has. Sounds like it might be a winner.
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