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ISO Parts Thread:

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Any damage on the front passenger door. Im looking to replace mine a few months down the road from now. I really only need the metal shell of it to replace mine which is pretty banged up.
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Do any of the Nissans have the wiring in the doors for heated mirrors? Would not mind the harness end that plugs into the wiring for these mirrors along with the power mirror switch with the wiring clip attached. I can then run the wiring between the switch and mirror easily and have them so they can still be unplugged. If there is not a mirror switch with heat, that is fine, I will just get a controller for after market defrosters for the heated part and the mirror switch for moving the mirrors.

If you can't find them, I will still appreciate that you took the time to look.

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Yes, thanks Ramness. I have gotten at least 3 parts from you now and you have possibly found me some more. They all come quick and are definitely in the condition described so you don't surprise anyone with something that has any damage or scratches that you have not told them about. I wish ebay sellers were this honest.
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