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Any damage on the front passenger door. Im looking to replace mine a few months down the road from now. I really only need the metal shell of it to replace mine which is pretty banged up.
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It was probably good till it got on the yard. It now has a large white door ding from the truck next to it.
That was taken with the airbag
Do any of the Nissans have the wiring in the doors for heated mirrors? Would not mind the harness end that plugs into the wiring for these mirrors along with the power mirror switch with the wiring clip attached.
2 of the 3 Pathfinders might have them. I do know they had a different plug on the back of the mirror switch than the Xterra.

Just more curious than anything because I don't think it would be possible/worth it to ship, but could you ever get a m226?

Is that a 4x4 axle or the 4x4 axle with locker? So far I have only seen 2 4x4 Xs none were OffRoad models.
Any intact clocksprings from anything 2007 or newer? Xterra, Frontier, PAthy

Do any of those 2nd Gens have transmissions in them still?
They have them in a warehouse onsite. They pull most of them before hitting the yard.
Yeah, I can't ever find any Gen2 stuff in my junkyards. Right now even eBay isn't helping me with the interior tray that I want. It's the last bit I need to complete this project.
Still hunting for one for ya. The Frontier with the top cut off is the one I mentioned that had the light tan interior. I wasn't able to find the tray, I was hoping it was tossed to the side or in the bed. Since that is on the end of an aisle lots of random stuff has ended up in the bed from when the employees go around and pick up parts left on the ground. The Frontier with the crushed roof had the tray but whoever took the dash apart managed to break all 4 tabs on it.
Any chance one of those wreaks has some radio mounts?
I believe the radio mounts are welded to the main dash support.
I have several sensors with both sides of the connectors listed already.
Cargo cover for 2012?
The retractable thing or the section of floor that covers the cargo bin?

Those are always in bad shape. Between being worn from use and dirty parts being set in the seat along with dirty hands I have yet to see one that looks good.
Ramness any chance you see some leather seats in a P4x that are any good out there?
Factory leather began in 09, Pro-4X in 11. Newest in the yard has been a 08, got a few years till an 11 shows up probably.

How much would a steering wheel with the stereo and cruise controls run me? I'd prefer leather, but really I'm fine with anything where the wheel resin isn't loose on the frame.

My wheel's covering is wobbling around from the 10 o'clock around to the 2 o'clock positions.

That would depend on if I could get one in good shape before the junk yard destroyer gets to it! There is a guy that seems to beat me to a lot of the Nissan trucks that gets air bags, problem is he has no idea how to properly remove one and just destroys the steering wheel and sometimes the dash getting them.

If I got one in good shape it would be $45 + ship. It would likely come from a Pathfinder.

How much would a pass side mirror plastic housing cost me? shipped 97103

I have a passenger side mirror. They sell them complete so I can’t just buy the housing. It’s a power mirror with glass from a 2006. Would be $60 + 18 for ship.

Have some odd ones...

ABS pressure sensors (both)


2005 master cylinder and abs pump NON VDC
I’ll have to look into where those are located on the truck. Have not seen one without VDC.

Still looking for a "trim board" to fill the space after removing my wetbox.

Still on my list, have not seen one without the wet box yet.

I need the AC/Heat Controller. Depending on price though.

Currently have 2. from a 2008 and 2007 they are $45 shipped.
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Looking for a stock engine cover, thanks!
I've seen several of those. I'll pick one up. It would come without hardware.
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